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Christmas Sale!!! Reduced prices!!! We have a few items left.In Polos we have the following: black, light blue, royal blue, maroon, gold, white, gray.

We have large in black, light blue and maroon. We have xlg in blue and black.

We have Medium in all colors but maroon.

There are a lot of sweats:

Colors are royal blue,light blue, green (1 lg), maroon, cherry red, black xl (3) lg (4) m (3)

We are selling the banners that were hung along Main Street in Germantown

for $20.

(if mailed add postage and holder which is about $10 more)

· Sweat shirts ------------------------------$15

· Polo shirts --------------------------------$15

· T-shirts -----------------------------------$10

· Ball caps ----------------------------------$10

· Tote bags -------------------------------- $5

· Buttons --------------------------------- $3

. Magnets ----------------------------------$1

· “EARLY LIFE in Germantown” by Virginia Miller Sherwood ----------- $8


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