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Start school later and elementary students

posted Mar 8, 2017, 7:55 AM by GMHSLibrary
Dear Colleagues:

Below is part of an extended email from School Committee Chairperson, Barbie Linares.  Some elementary teachers asked about the impact on starting school later regarding the elementary students.  

"In my county, elementary schools begin at 9 and end at 3:30pm. Elementary children need 10-12 hours of sleep, and can fall asleep naturally near 8pm and rise well rested near 7a.m. They are awake and their brains and bodies are functioning between 7am and 8pm.  There are no detrimental effects on the brains or bodies of elementary school children beginning school at 9 or 9:15 and ending at 3:30 or 4p.m.  These hours match their natural circadian rhythms.  The concern for elementary students, as is the concern for all students, is safe bus routes in the daylight and healthy school hours. A school day from 9:15 to 3:10 is safe and healthy for elementary students."

Lynn M. Keefe, MD

Dr. Keefe serves as the Start School Later Health Policy Director.

The next public forum for the Start School Later initiative is on April 4th beginning at 6:30 PM. in the Middle/high school Auditorium.  This will be the last time for members to voice their opinion for or against.  Regardless of your opinion, please be ready to speak and support your choice with facts and data.