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Information on 2019-20 dues.

posted Sep 13, 2019, 5:45 AM by GMHSLibrary

Dear GEA Member,

Below is information pertaining to your annual dues for this school year. Please do not reply to this email, reply to my address listed below.

Annual dues for the 2019-20 school year:
· Please seethe chart below regarding our fees, feel free to 
contact me with any questions.

· Deductions will begin in our September 27th paycheck, and run for a total of 20 pay periods.

· If you changed your name or address, please email me your new information.

If you intend to pay for your dues in full as a cash payer please let me know no later than this Friday the 13th. The cash total in full is due on December 10, 2019.

If you are not a full time employee, please email me if you would like me to confirm the exact amount of dues you are paying.

If you intend to take any time off for a leave of absence: Please note that your paycheck deductions may vary because you will still be required to pay your dues during your leave. Contact me if you need more information.

Early Departures: Reminder that when a member signs a membership application (upon hire), he/she is obligated to pay a full years dues obligation by payroll deduction or via check. Members who depart after midyear and do not pay by check will have the remainder taken out of their last paycheck of employment.

NEW STAFF: If you have not yet completed a membership form (most of you completed it at the new staff orientation and handed

it in to Amanda Girard) please contact me ASAP so we can arrange for it’s completion– any further delay in this will result in your dues being deducted from less paychecks and therefore a larger payment out of your checks.

Dues for 2019-2020:


Full time status: FTE

Dues for MTA

Dues for NEA

Dues for GEA










Corey Chenette
GEA Treasurer