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Contract Negotiations Update

posted Dec 2, 2017, 5:54 AM by GMHSLibrary
Dear Colleagues:

On December 11th, the Negotiation Team will have our 1st meeting with Superintendent Jacobs and the School Committee and begin the process of negotiating our next contract.  The team has compiled all the proposals brought forward by members and have discussed them in depth.  I had a preliminary meeting with Superintendent Jacobs yesterday to begin the groundwork for a successful process.  We shared our collective interests and proposals that were important to each group.  In that discussion, I brought forward the proposal that has been mentioned numerous times for a few years now, the ability to allow the children of staff members to attend Georgetown.  Superintendent Jacobs heard our informal proposal with sincerity and has requested that I survey teachers to see the possible impact on class sizes.  

If you could do the following, ASAP, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you think you would utilize this language, could you please respond to me only stating the following:

How many of your children would come to Georgetown,if contractual language allowed and what grade(s) would your child be entering in September 2018?

If this language does not apply to you or you do not foresee your children coming to the Georgetown School District then you do not need to reply at all.

Furthermore, by replying it does not mean that you are committing to anything.  We are just trying to gauge the impact,if any.