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Budget Update - January 31, 2017

posted Jan 31, 2017, 1:55 PM by GMHSLibrary   [ updated Jan 31, 2017, 1:58 PM ]
Dear Colleagues:

I have spoken to Superintendent Jacobs about the latest budget proposal process over the weekend.  The School Committee is having a public hearing about the budget proposal on Thursday, February 9th beginning at 7:15 PM in town hall on the 3rd floor.  I will be speaking at that meeting and all are welcome to attend.  My statement will be brief, but it would show great unity if we could fill that room with as many teachers as possible.  I know we all have busy schedules, but please try to clear them for that night and consider joining me to show support for the budget increase that is being requested.

Secondly, some members have asked for a script to use when emailing their state representatives about properly funding the FBRC-Foundation Budget Review Commission:  Once you find your legislature using the link below, cut and paste the following script, if you want.

Cut and paste the following:

Dear State Representative:

I am an educator in Georgetown, Massachusetts and am asking that you fully support and fund the FBRC.  The formula for funding Chapter 70 monies allotted to each district has not been updated since implementation over two decades ago.  Our students deserve and need this funding to move forward in the 21st century.

Thank You

(Your Name)

Finally, as mentioned above, the first public hearing on the school budget is Thursday, February 9th, however the School Committee will not be voting to adopt any budget proposal until March 9th.  Until we see what percentage increase the School Committee agrees upon to forward to the Finance Committee and the Selectmen for approval, we can then begin emailing the Selectmen requesting them to approve the increase.  

As always, we will update membership with any new news immediately.