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A few guidelines for work sent home.

posted Mar 18, 2020, 12:13 PM by GMHSLibrary
Dear Colleagues:

A few guidelines about sending "work" home to students for all of us to keep in mind, since these days are "Not official days"  out of school.

1.  Material sent home should be "Engaging and fun" that extends current learning.  Currently, we are not a distant learning school, yet.  As mentioned, DESE will update all distant learning expectations in the next few days.  Until such time, work that is sent home should not represent what you would normally have your students complete as if they were in your classroom.  Since these are not official days of school, work should not be collected or graded.  

2.  Please try to inform your students with some form of rough timeline of when you think you will be forwarding them some things to look at, whether it be daily or weekly.  

3.  Please keep in mind that we are dealing with kids who are very confused and scared about our current situation.  Solving algebraic equations or answering packet questions may not be their top priority, which is one of the main reasons behind the "Engaging and fun" activities.   

4.  If you are using any social media outlets to communicate with your students.  Please refrain from speculating with your students what DESE or our district may do regarding the remainder of this school year.

5.  Please keep in mind that ,most parents are not teachers in the formal sense.  They too, are overwhelmed with the current situation and may not know how to conjugate a verb or solve two step math equations.  

6.  If possible, try to coordinate as a grade level, team or department in regards to sending material home.  Receiving one email rather than five or more will be better received.

7.  Most importantly, remain positive in all form of communications.  Students and parents need reassurance and they look towards you for positive reinforcement and encouragement.  

As always, we will update you with all new pertinent information.


Joe and Mike