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Lamont Elementary School District

This page: tinyurl.com/lamontgoogle

Presented by: Lainie Rowell 

Main Website: lainierowell.com
lainierowell at gmail.com (replace "at" with @ and remove spaces)

Before we get started, please log in to your Google Account. 

Google Apps (Part 1 - Google Tools for Learning)

Welcome and Introductions 

More Google Apps (Part 2 - Your Google Classroom)

Getting Started with Chromebooks

Google Classroom
Introduction to Google Classroom 

Creating a Class

Here are the steps for creating a class:

    1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.
    2. Click the + icon in the upper-right corner of the page and click Create class.

    1. Enter the class name in the Class name field.
    2. Enter a short description in the Section field, such as section, grade level, or class time.
    3. Click Create.
    4. Invite students to your class
Adding Content to a Class 

Managing a Class 
Communicating with Class 
Working with Assignments 
Using Classroom as a Student 

You May Want More Time to Explore...
Google Drive/Docs
Google Sites

Google Spreadsheet

Make a copy and use yourself ---> Click on the link to this, then go to the File menu and make a copy