Collaborative Learning Using Google Tools

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Presented by: Lainie Rowell

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Most Common Use of Google

For some of you, this may be all you know about Google.

But there's EVEN MORE.

First, get a Google account. You need one for many of Google's tools.

Google Apps Overview

YouTube Video

Advanced Search

Let's start with search and how it's normally done.

Search for information about the octopus or Martin Luther King Jr. 

What about an advanced search?

Narrow down by dates, domains, regions, etc.

*Activity: Use advanced search techniques to find the following:
-Ozone depletion in Australia from a government website (Not sure, try this.)
-A presentation file that is related to your subject matter and from universities in the U.S. (Not sure, try this.)
-A black and white image that's labeled for reuse to download on to your computer. (Not sure, go here.)

Google News Archive Search (a demo)

Google's Inside Search - Get the latest search features, tips and tricks

Not Enough, Build Your Own Search! - Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search 

e.g. build a search using and

You could also build a CSE for image sites. Try collaborating with colleagues to create the ultimate CSE. 

Here are some sites to start with:

A good place to start for pictures with a wide range in topics and models citation.

Chicago Field Museum -

Great for images related to social studies topics.

Children's Illustrators -

Instead of photos, use this site to find great illustrations 

Amazing images of animals, natural disasters, culture, etc.

Ideal for finding pictures of places.

Important: Remind students to cite their sources!

This is a collaborative tool! 

Learn more about search here!

Google Docs

Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and More

Workflow options 


They feed into spreadsheets. Here are the results from our form above

Learn more about Docs here!

Maps Anyone?

Google Earth

Google Maps

Mobile Apps

Let's Make a Map Together! 

  • Go to (case sensitive) 
  • Click on "Save to My Places"
  • Add a marker for the furthest destination you have traveled and/or a place where you took your greatest adventure.
  • EXTRA:
    • Change the Icon
    • Embed text and media into the markers, including:
      • Text
      • Links
      • Images
      • Video (use the embed code)
      • Other, such as a Google Doc, Form, or Presentation

Our Greatest Adventures - June 2013

Interested students might want to try recreating buildings using SketchUp.
While using Google Maps and Earth, be sure to integrate the use of links, documents, spreadsheets, images and video.

Learn more about Maps here!


Learn more about Sites here!

Making the Global Connection with Google Apps

CA GAFE Summit Making the Global Connection with Google Tools


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