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Collaborative Google Slides Presentation
(All contributing to one presentation) 

Adapted from Alice Keeler's Google Classroom: 8 Steps Workflow to Create Files [Infographic]

  1. Open Google Classroom.
  2. Click on folder icon on class tile or go to the “About” tab and click on the folder icon there.
  3. Click on “New” button in Google Drive and select “Google Slides”.
    (This creates the document in the class folder.)
  4. Customize the slideshow as you like. I would add a title slide asking students not to add or delete slides and not to make changes to the theme, etc.
    (anything that would impact other slides) 
  5. Close the document.
    (Google Docs automatically save,  simply close the tab after creating.)
  6. Go back to the Google Classroom tab.
  7. Click on the plus icon in bottom right to create an assignment.
  8. Click on the Google Drive icon to attach what you just created.
    (Make sure you choose the “Students can edit” option) 

Logging In:
Your Student username is ??
Your Student password is ??student
Your Teacher username is ??
Your Teacher password is ??teacher
Note: Numbers 1-9 have a leading zero (e.g.

Google Classroom
Introduction to Google Classroom 

Creating a Class

Here are the steps for creating a class:

    1. Sign in to Classroom at
    2. Click the + icon in the upper-right corner of the page and click Create class.
    3. Enter the class name in the Class name field.
    4. Enter a short description in the Section field, such as section, grade level, or class time.
    5. Click Create.
    6. Invite students to your class
Adding Content to a Class 
Managing a Class 
Communicating with Class 
Working with Assignments 
Using Classroom as a Student