Produce Show 2013

our annual produce show took place
on Sunday 8th September 2013
at the Memorial Hall, Marsh Drive, Great Linford

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The hall will be open from 10.30am to 11.30am to receive entries and then closed for judging between 12 noon and 1.30pm. The doors will then be opened again at approximately 1.30pm (depending on the time for the judging). The prize giving and raffle draw will be at 2.30pm and the doors will close at 3.30pm.

still come along for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, and see what all the fuss is about.
The show is just for fun and for you to meet fellow plot holders from other sites. There will be refreshments, stalls with items for sale, and a raffle so come along and enter this year.
     There is a charge of 10p for each entry. Click on Show Categories 2013 for entry categories, and Recipes 2013 for the recipes for the baking competition.

     Please take care to read the show categories carefully - even established members (like me!) had to go rushing back home on the day for the fourth carrot! 

     Exhibitors at previous shows should note that there are a few differences this year. Each plot holder is limited to one entry per class. For newcomers who might be worried that the show is a deadly serious affair with rival contenders duelling at dawn, don't be. It is a light-hearted sociable get together of plot holders and their produce. Have a go! Just turn up at the Memorial Hall with your items between the times shown above. One look at the other peoples' entries and you will know you have nothing to worry about!

One tip - don't worry about size - it really doesn't matter! Try to get each set of vegetables matching as closely as possible. In 2010, my first year, I walked off with the first place for my carrots and they were all only about 4" long (10cm for you youngsters!). However they were all evenly shaped and the same size. Also pay attention to the show schedule - if it says 2 sweet corn you don't get extra points for putting 3 on the plate, you just get disqualified!

Please click on Show Categories 2013 to see what you need to submit if you want to join the competition.