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Calendar of Events

We arrange events and hold committee meetings during the summer half of the year.

The first section below shows events, the next section committee meetings;
for what we did in previous years, see the last section (following events and meetings). 



  • the Community Fun Day was held on Sunday 8th July;
  • the Produce Show is to be held on Sunday 2nd September; more details at ProduceShow 2018 ;


The next committee meeting
  •  Thursday 20th September starting at 7.30pm at Lovat Fields meeting room, Japonica Lane, Brickhill Street, MK15 9ED
meetings are often held at Lovat Fields meeting room, Japonica Lane, Brickhill Street MK15 9ED

Please come along and join in!   Everyone will be made welcome!

During the growing season, committee meetings are held approximately once a month, usually on a Thursday.
There is an open invitation to plot holders, should they wish to attend at any time.
Meetings are held at the Lovat Fields meeting room, the Parish Council Offices, or at the Great Linford cricket pavilion (see how to find us )

For the Minutes of previous committee meetings,  please see Minutes of meetings.

    events and activities held in 2018
    • the AGM was held on Thursday 19th April at the Great Linford Council Offices
    GLAA AGM April 2018

    events and activities held in 2017 include
    • a well-attended AGM was held on Thursday 20th April, 

                Find the agenda for the AGM at AGMagenda 

    • the Produce Show was held on Sunday 20th August; for the results, see Produce Show 2017
    • MK Food Fest---Saturday 16th September at Great Linford Manor Park---GLAA had a stall, with plants, fruit and vegetables for sale

    events and activities held in 2016 include
    • our AGM which was held on Tuesday 19th April, starting at 7.30pm at the Cricket Pavilion

    • we had a stall at the Great Linford Fun Day, Marsh Drive on Sunday 3rd July

    • the Produce Show was held on Sunday 21st August 2016; for more information see Produce Show 2016

    events and activities held in 2015 include

    • our AGM this year was held on Tuesday 28th April, at 7.30pm in the Great Linford Cricket Pavilion (see agm-agenda-2015); as well as the business of the evening, and we enjoyed refreshments afterwards

    • we worked on the Herb Garden on Wednesday 22nd April, 7.00pm to 8.00pm

    • our Produce show was held on Sunday 16th August; please see  Produce Show 2015

    events and activities held in 2014 include

    • work on the community herb garden that we created in 2013;
    • on Wednesday 27th August we put up some signs, and did some weeding and pruning

    • open site visits for plot-holders to visit other sites in the Great Linford area were held on 
    •         Saturday 23rd August for
                  Neath Hill              Larkspur                    Hills Close

              Sunday 24th August
                  Sandy Close          Bells Meadow            Giffard Gate

    • our stall of plants for sale at the The Waterside Festival , held on Saturday 21st June and Sunday 22nd June
    • Our AGM was held on Tuesday 29th April 2014 (see the AGM Agenda 2014 for details)

    events and activities held in 2013 include
    • a stall at the Easter event, Sat 30th March, at the old railway platform on the redway in Giffard Park;   tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits to be provided
    • our AGM held on Tuesday 16th April (see the  AGM Agenda 2013  for details)

    • the completion in May of the planting of a community herb garden, supported by a grant from the Great Linford Parish Council

    • a plants stall at the well attended Waterside Festival held on the week-end 15/16th June

    • a stall at the EcoFestival 2013 held on the 14th July at the sports pavilion, Great Linford

    • our Produce Show 2013 held on Sunday 8th September at the Memorial Hall, Great Linford