Gardening Matters

This page offers the following encouragement and information to help you with your gardening
  • how a section of field can be transformed into a productive allotment
  • some examples of the gentle art of composting
  • the benefits of comfrey
  • the contact details for some local organisations and some other links which you may find helpful
1. How a (little) work can transform a plot

It looks very daunting to start with!
A picture of an allotment before any work has been done.

2. The gentle (and not so difficult) art of composting

Two Guardian links you may find helpful are
Here are some examples from our allotments:

Using a do-it-yourself enclosure

3. The benefits of comfrey for a garden

This  Guardian article  by Alys Fowler gives some useful information about comfrey.

4. Various organizations and website links which you may find helpful

a. Tools for Self Reliance
a source of gardening tools
  • for email use info<at> and the website address
  • on the phone at 01908 670825
NOTE: use of any goods and services from this company is entirely at your own risk.

b. Diggrite for someone to help with garden maintenance
  • contact Peter Glennister on 07887 775329, email, or click on  Diggrite

Still a lot to do, but the work begins

Using something a bit like a dustbin
An example of composting in a bin

And the change after a few months work! 
An allotment after some work has been done.

Or using both bins and an enclosure
An exampl

Support another local Allotment Association
For the Windmill Hill Garden and Allotment Association, click here Windmill Hill

For details of their members's garden shop, please click here Windmill Hill members' shop

Or visit
The National Allotment Society - National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd

For the National Allotment Society, click here National Society of Leisure Gardeners