About the Association

All plot-holders of allotments in the Great Linford Parish area may be members of the Great Linford Allotment Association (GLAA). The Association is governed by its constitution, which describes the basic organisation of a committee and the meetings they hold. Some important functions of the committee are
  • to arrange events during the year
  • to provide a line of communication between plot-holders and the Parish Council, and
  • share an interest in growing plants
The full text of our constitution may be found at Current Constitution .

The full set of objectives of the Association are

a. to encourage the proper cultivation, good management and enjoyment of the allotments

b. to provide an effective vehicle through which communication between allotment plot-holders and the Parish Council can be maintained

c. to assist the Parish Council in monitoring the use of allotments in relation to the tenancy rules

d. to consult with the Parish Council concerning the terms and conditions of tenancy

e. to work with other groups within the area to widen public support for allotments; the committee will arrange events as they see appropriate;


The Parish Council defines the tenancy agreement for plot-holders.
For information purposes only, you may see an example at  Tenancy Agreement.

Great Linford Parish Council
The Parish Council supports the work of the GLAA by donating, free of charge, a venue so that unnecessary costs are avoided. Also the Parish Council has a representative on the Memorial Hall Trustees; as a result the Parish Council is entitled to one free event a year - it donates this event to the GLAA. As with any community group where possible the Parish Council works with the groups to facilitate where possible their activities for the benefit of all. The Allotment Association as within any group is also entitled to apply for grant funds of the Dragon Den process when it is available.

The Herb Garden project (see Community Herb Garden Project ) resulted from this support from the Parish Council.

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