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Welcome to the Great Linford Allotment Association (GLAA) Website

This year's Produce Show is set for Sunday 2nd September
to be held at the Memorial Hall, Great Linford.
Produce Show 2018

For more details of competition classes, see ProduceShow 2018 

Find pages for previous years at the tab "Previous year's events".  

For news of upcoming events, look at our Calendar of events.

Would you like to participate with the working of the Association?
Allotment holders are always welcome to committee meetings. You would be joining a group of people interested in gardening. 

If you are an existing plot-holder on any of the Great Linford sites you would be very welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The association is made up of six allotment sites owned by Great Linford Parish Council. These sites are the original five at Bells Meadow in Willen Park,  Gifford Gate and Hills Close in Great Linford, Larkspur Avenue in Conniburrow, and Neath Hill. The sixth was opened at Sandy Close in Great Linford in 2011.

If you are interested in getting an allotment you will need to apply to Great Linford Parish Council. Click the link, or visit their office at Neath Hill Local Centre.

For a little gardening information look at Gardening Matters.

The aim of the association is to join together a group of like-minded enthusiasts and to encourage (and help!) members to keep every plot in a good state of cultivation. We also encourage our members to take part in the competitions, trips and the annual produce show.

Members and others interested in gardening are invited to explore this site and see what we do. As an allotment group there will inevitably be an emphasis on vegetable growing rather than flowers or houseplants, but we are not exclusive and welcome everyone!

The committee meets about once a month during the growing season, and all plot holders are welcome to attend.  The date and place of the next meeting are given in the Calendar of events. 

Please explore the site by clicking on the tabs across the top. You will find that some of them lead to other pages as well as the top level one named on the tab.

If you wish to get in touch with us, please send an email as described in Join Our Mailing List

Please put "Allotment Association" in the subject line so that it doesn't go into my junk folder.

An example of what we do:-

 Creating a Community Herb Garden in Down’s Barn 

The Great Linford Allotment Association have created a COMMUNITY HERB GARDEN, using community project funding won in a Dragons Den bid from the Great Linford Parish Council last autumn. 

We have built a large raised bed 16ft x 8ft in size, in the Community Orchard at Loriner Place, Down’s Barn. The bed will contain at least 16 different herbs which are still to be planted. We plan to complete this by summer 2013. 

This herb garden will 

 enable all the residents of the parish to pick fresh herbs for a variety of purposes to promote healthy living. 

 be an example of organic gardening principles using organic peat-free soil and organically grown herbs. 

 be a useful source of nectar and pollen for butterflies and bees, which are in serious decline. 

The ongoing gardening maintenance and the replenishment of the herbs will be undertaken by Allotment Association members. 

We are now on the lookout to create other community projects in the Parish. 

If you are interested in supporting such projects, or in gardening and allotments, make a note in your diary to come along to our AGM (details below)

The committee would be very happy to see you.