DailyBooth is dead!  Why are you here?  Go away...

A springboard to

RubyGems Page: gtk2dailybooth

And one of either of these HTML parsers
The word on the internet is that nokogiri is the faster parser.  But it's not a one step install on Linux.  For hpricot, the reverse is true.

So... the simplest install on Linux is
sudo gem install hpricot --no-rdoc --no-ri
sudo gem install gtk2dailybooth --no-rdoc --no-ri
And in Windows it's
gem install nokogiri --no-rdoc --no-ri
gem install gtk2dailybooth --no-rdoc --no-ri
Then to run it...
gtk2dailybooth <username>
...where <username> is your username, yes?

Mouse Events...

On Pictures
        Mouse Button 1
                opens picture page
        Mouse Button 2
                copies picture page url to clipboard
        Mouse Button 3
                displays the large picture

On Medalion/Flag
        Mouse Button 1
                opens boother default page
        Mouse Button 2
                copies default page url to clipboard
        Mouse Button 3
                opens boother activity page

On Boother Label
        Mouse Button 1
                reloads application with boother's followings and followers
        Mouse Button 2
                copies boother's username to clipboard
        Mouse Button 3
                toggles favorite status of the boother


The application's main menu pops up when one right clicks (button 3) most anywhere (free) on the window.

        reloads application with given boother's followings and followers
        if no username is given, the application will reload with the favorites list.

        adds given boother to favorites list