The Ruby-Gnome Application Library

NOTE: This documentation is for version 15.3.

See Synopsis for a quick start. 
  • Tested on Linux, Maemo (Nokia N800 and N900), and Windows (NT).
  • Parses standard initial -options from ARGV.
  • Sets up the application user's hidden directory and configuration.
  • Creates the application's main menu and icon.
  • Provides the main Gtk (or Hildon) window.
  • Creates SIGINT and SIGTERM signal traps for a clean exit.
  • Provides an alternate widget api, extended widgets, and dialogs.
  • Creates a lock to prevent unintended multiple instances.
  • Provides a system call,, that works on both Linux and Windows.
  • Provides a process listing, Gtk2AppLib.processes{|pid,command|...}, that works on Linux, Maemo, and Windows.

Currently used by the following projects:
Install:   sudo gem install gtk2applib
Requires:   Ruby-GNOME2 (gtk2)
RubyGems Page:   gtk2applib

The Gtk2AppLib Ruby Library is GPL.
This site is CC.

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