The Timestables App

Timestables on 3 Wheels

is for anyone who wants to learn the timestables up to 12x12
The app contains a presentation to explain the easiest way to learn the table. 
However, the most important screen is the one where you study the table and test what you've learned. What you do there is turn the wheels. In the learn mode you can turn any of the three wheels, and the other wheels will turn automatically to make sure that only correct statements are shown. In the test modes one or two of the left wheels are locked by a red block, which means only the app can turn them. You're supposed to turn only the right-most wheel to give the result and press the Ok button.

One screen contains the boom game, which used to be played in schools. It's a playful way to check that you've learned the tables. This is an iPhone interpretation of that game and it works like this: There's a counter in the middle of the screen. It is incremented each time the strawberry button or the bomb button is pressed. You're supposed to press the bomb button when you see the counter is divisible by the chosen table. So if you selected the 3-table, the bomb button should be pressed when the counter shows 3, 6, 9, ... Any other number: press the strawberry button. 
Each time you press the correct button, the score (top of the screen) goes up, and it goes down if you press the wrong button. 
The boom game is more fun when played with a friend. Then you take turns pressing the buttons.

Another screen shows two rulers sliding randomly over the times-tables. It tests your multiplication speed. When they stop you're supposed to say what number is hidden behind the red oval. The correct number is then shown and the rulers slide away to the next number.

In total there are 6 screens including the help screen. 
There are some nice sounds and graphics to make learning more exciting
The sounds are awesome!

Summary - Timestables on 3 Wheels

Timestables on 3 Wheels is for the iPhone and iPod touch. Also playable on the iPad. Here's the Icon:

The most important screen is the one with three wheels. There you can study the tables one by one and discover the helpful patterns.
 This screen also offers tests. You can test one table at a time or all tables at once. 

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  • French: Table de multiplication sur 3 roues
  • Dutch: 
    Vermenigvuldiging op 3 wielen
  • German: Einmaleins 12 mal 12
  • Swedish: Multiplikationstabellen på 3 hjul

Timestables on 3 Wheels
has different names in the localized App Stores, as follows: