WELCOME: Georgia Tech Campus Safety Campaign 2012

Safety at the Georgia Institute of Technology is a main priority and a main concern.
Over the course of the past few months, Georgia Tech has been extremely encouraging with their responses to the recent campus safety concerns. Georgia Tech has provided extra security by expanding the staff of the Georgia Tech Police Department, provided extra transportation for late hours, conducted a campus safety walk to identify unsafe parts of campus, and conducted many other efforts.

However, at the 2012 Student Leader Retreat, a retreat where many campus organization leaders come together to discuss concerns and goals of the future of Georgia Tech, all of the students leaders continued to express concern for the safety of the campus. After this concern was voiced, the students came together and created this idea for a student led GEORGIA TECH CAMPUS SAFETY CAMPAIGN. The idea behind this campaign is to create interactive, educational programming while incorporating the entire student body. We all felt it was time for us to take action towards our own safety, and felt the best way to do that was to have students reaching out to other students.

The campaign itself is a week long. Each day of the campaign is aimed at a particular type of safety education. These themes were created by a steering committee of students and GTPD. GTPD identified main problems that they typically see. The student organizations and Campus Departments will be working together to help provide collaborative, educational, interactive programming for each day.

September 4: Transportation Safety
September 5: Theft Safety
September 6: Alcohol Safety
September 7: Personal Safety and Celebration

In addition, we hope to include some of the surrounding Atlanta Community. Georgia Tech is unique because we sit in the middle of a very busy, large city and know that safety is something that affects us all.

We hope to help provide some positive images of Georgia Tech. We would hate to lose potential, strong students because they think our campus is unsafe. This is something that we can fix.

Finally, we hope to have at least one sustainable action come from this. This might be the creation of a Campus Safety Council with students and members of GTPD or the addition of

On this website, you will find information about the activities for each day, more information about the campaign, sponsors and pledges to campus safety, and other links to safety information.

Welcome to our website. Please explore!

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