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  • Radio City is a commercial radio station in Bulgaria aimed at young people. The format of Radio City is CHR, playing the biggest current hits from popular music genres (Pop, R&B, Dance etc.).
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  • "Grand Theft Auto" (commonly abbreviated "GTA") is a video game series created in the United Kingdom by Dave Jones, then later by English brothers Dan Houser and Sam Houser, and game designer Zachary Clarke and primarily developed by Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design) and published by Rockstar
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  • Grand Theft Auto; also, Grandiose Thinking Adulterer
gta vice city radio
gta vice city radio - Grand Theft
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Box Set
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Box Set
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Although the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes place in the 1980s, its musical accompaniment leaps light years beyond the simplistic plink-plonking found on that decade's primitive gaming systems. GTA's whopping seven-CD soundtrack set (also available as individual volumes) culls the best of the decade of decadence's musical offerings. V-Rock, and Wave 103 spotlight the '80s musical mainstays, hairsprayed heavy metal and bursts of fizzy New Wave electro-pop, while saccharine love songs and mellow light rock populate the next two discs: Emotion 98.3 and Flash FM, respectively.
Volume 5, the appropriately titled Wildstyle Pirate, celebrates the origins of hip-hop and DJ culture; Fever 105 focuses on sizzling soul; and Radio Espantoso rounds out the set with upbeat Cuban jazz hybrids. With such differing styles, not every disc will appeal to every listener. And not every CD is mixed well--Fever 105 can be monotonous, and Emotion 98.3's tunes are overplayed. However, the best part about GTA is its often surprising musical selections: Tears for Fears' morose "Pale Shelter," the long mix of Grandmaster Flash's "The Message," and Mary Jane Girls' slinky "All Night Long." Throwing in lesser-known musical gems among the hits adds spice and unexpected turns, which redeem GTA's shortcomings and make this set a treat for everyone, not just fans of the game. --Annie Zaleski

86% (15)
GTA: Vice City Stories
GTA: Vice City Stories
Finished (in that the end credits roll, as per normal GTA finishing). Still only something like 35%, though. It was good to be back in Vice City again. However, the plot was a stupid and there were bugs in the gang empire bits, so that was a bit irritating. The radio stations were excellent, as usual (including the return of Fernando Martinez - and the bitching on Flash FM and The Wave was good).
081608 021
081608 021
In the basement, above the TV

gta vice city radio
gta vice city radio
Lost City Radio
For ten years, Norma has been the on-air voice of consolation and hope for the Indians in the mountains and the poor from the barrios—a people broken by war's violence. As the host of Lost City Radio, she reads the names of those who have disappeared—those whom the furiously expanding city has swallowed. Through her efforts lovers are reunited and the lost are found. But in the aftermath of the decadelong bloody civil conflict, her own life is about to forever change—thanks to the arrival of a young boy from the jungle who provides a cryptic clue to the fate of Norma's vanished husband.