This site was created to support the Google Teacher Academy (GTA). Anyone may view the site and take advantage of the resources shared here. Only Google Certified Teachers (GCT) are free to edit and add to the site. Google Certified Teachers, please follow these guidelines when you edit the site:

  1. Please don't change the main Home, Events, Agenda, or Materials pages.
  2. Please create your own bio page (under the Google Certified Teachers Page) and link to it on the Google Certified Teachers page. Then your own page can serve as a hub for anything else you wish to create on this site... add your own workshops, your own announcements, etc... as long as it is related to your work as a Google Certified Teacher. This is different from your profile in the GCT group because this is accessible to the public.
  3. If you have any question about changes you wish to make to pages or the site contact the GTA team at