Wendy Gorton

Wendy Gorton is an enthusiastic Google Certified Teacher, Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer, and a lifelong learner.  She has taught 4th graders in Los Angeles, been an elementary technology coordinator, a university technology specialist, online teacher, and curriculum developer and research assistant. She is passionate about project-based learning and using awesome technology like Google Apps to open her students up to collaboration and to the world! She loves to travel and most recently has been based out of India as a secondary technology integrator at an American school and loves working with teachers to find out how technology can make learning come alive for their students. Her Master's degree is in educational technology, where she focused on finding out how real-world science projects using technology increased motivation in her students, and she particularly enjoys research experiences for teachers, helping bring the world of science and social studies to her students using technology as a NOAA Teacher at Sea, Earthwatch Educator Fellow, PolarHusky Teacher Explorer, JR Teacher at Sea, and NEH Fellow, everywhere from learning archaeology in Wisconsin to helping build shelters for sick Tasmanian devils in Australia to dog-sledding in Scandinavia!  

She currently is an educational consultant working with Google, Wikispaces, and other organizations around the world spreading the cheer of educational technology. Networking with groups such as the Google Certified Teachers amazes her in the ability to find new tools, new project ideas, and--her favorite!-- new classes to collaborate with on real-world projects. She loves the power of a PLN (personal learning network) and can't wait to continue learning with and from the new GTAUK crew! Find her on Twitter @WendyGorton and e-mail her anytime at wendygorton@gmail.com for a great collaboration idea. She also is an avid backpacker, mountain biker, rock climber, and surfer, so if anyone wishes to explore any of these with her, do let her know!