Warren Apel

I'm the Director of Technology at the International School of Amsterdam.  Teachers at my school are doing some amazing things with Google Apps.  I'm so glad that I was able to be a part of #GTAUK 2012, so that I could help support the teachers and students at my school.  
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Here are some of the nifty projects I'm working on right now.

Warren Apel
I'm working with a grade 6 math teacher who is having her students find angles on maps of the nearby area.  They are making videos explaining the angle relationships, then posting those videos on Google Maps.  

I'm working with a grade 9 geography teacher.  She's having her students collect information from tourists to Amsterdam in person three times a year on a field trip. We use Google Forms to collate all the data, then Google Spreadsheets toanalyze it. (We also use TinkerPlots, which is one of my favorite programs!)

One of my personal challenges lately has been to try and figure out a way to easily get country data converted from a big list into a histogram, so that it could be charted on a Google chart choropleth map.  I presented this project at the Google Apps for Education European Summit in Prague.  

You can find a lot of my spreadsheet-related stuff at Supercharting, which is sort of my playground for Google Spreadsheets and charts.