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Hi, my name is Tania Sheko. I teach at Whitefriars College in Melbourne, Australia.I have always been passionate about engaging students so that they develop a love of learning and take control of their learning journey. As Teacher Librarian I have focused on integrating technologies into student-driven, authentic and connected educational experiences. As Learning Enhancement Coordinator I provide opportunities and resources to empower gifted and talented students and their teachers.

I believe that libraries are the centre of learning and culture, and that teacher librarians play a vital role in a fast-changing, information- and media-rich world. I believe in lifelong learning, schools without walls, and the creativity evident in self-initiated learning of young people evident in their involvement in communities in Web 2.0 platforms such as Facebook and Flickr. My own learning takes place within communities in blogs, wikis, nings, Twitter, Facebook and similar platforms.


Inspiring young people to read, think; collaborating with teachers to create and teach students through engaging, student-driven, research-based projects which provide choice and invite creativity; using Web 2.0 technologies to enhance learning and connect learners to peers and experts outside the classroom; teach students to be responsible, respectful digital citizens.