Steve Philp

Steve is deputy headteacher at Paganel Primary School, Birmingham UK, where he runs the creative curriculum, maths, ICT, the Key Stage 2 department (ages 7-11) and provision for the more able children. In the past two years he has implemented radical curriculum change - improving the rigour of the curriculum whilst developing a co-constructed, themed curriculum based on the passions of the children and teachers in the school. In addition, he has developed a reflective culture within the school through the use of film.

As a Google Certified Teacher, Steve is hoping to implement further change within the administration and curriculum of the school over the next year, using Google's tools to increase efficiency and productivity.

His interests include: being a husband and father (to three), playing guitar, football (and Football Manager), brewing and steeping and (of course) frogs.

His video application for GTA UK is

Motivation and Learning by Teaching Telekinesis