Stephen Fessey

I am a teacher passionate about the effective use of technology within all aspects of education. I have taught for ten years  a variety of subjects (including: History, English, Drama) and I currently work at Central Birmingham CLC where I work closely with teachers from all subject areas and all Key Stages.

A made a short (one minute) video for the Google Teacher Academy that might clarify what I believe Classroom Innovation is and how Learning Technologies can support it:

My GTA video

I currently work as Assistant Manager within a City Learning Centre based in Central Birmingham (CBCLC). The centre leads in the promotion of the best use of cutting edge ICT in Education being embedded as a delivery tool within every curriculum area. The position involves working directly with school Heads, SMT, ASTs and the LA advisory service to assess their needs and priorities and to develop ICT-rich projects to enhance attainment, engagement and ultimately enhance results of pupils. I model, develop and embed 21st century learning strategies/models/techniques using best ICT practice and latest cutting edge technology across twenty two secondary schools and fifteen primary schools in Birmingham.