Sharon Eilts

Cupertino, California 95014
Classroom Site: classroom website

Administrative, Supervisory

  • Sunnyvale Elementary School District, Sunnyvale, Ca. Ellis School (Teacher-In-Charge, Administrative responsibilities when Principal is off-site. Time in office dependent on necessary conditions, 9/95 to 6/2006, School Leadership Team-1996 to 2006, Site Technology Coordinator & Webmistress, 1998-2006), District Assistive Technology Coordinator, 2005-2006
  • Administrative Field Experience, Oak Grove School District, San Jose, Ca. District Office (Office of Superintendent) and site experience (Oakridge School), Field experiences in district management, finance, clinical supervision, discipline, School Site Council and Parent Teacher Organization management, site budget management, training as Professional Growth Advisor, 9/91 to 5/92
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools, Department of Community Education, Ann Arbor, Mi. Educational supervisor, developed and supervised program, taught curriculum for HS residents in treatment at Alpha House (long term psychiatric treatment facility for alcohol and chemically dependent teenagers), grades 8-12, all subjects, 9/85 to 6/86
    Ann Arbor Schools, Department of Special Recreation, Ann Arbor, Mi. Supervised staff and taught classes for handicapped teens and adults; community liaison, 6/77 to 12/79
  • Peace Corps-Brazil (various locations). Trained teachers, program development, teacher-consultant, Special Education; curriculum and instruction supervision of physical therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, and physical education; school-community liaison; curriculum development; assessment and diagnosis at four sites; taught hatha yoga for orthopedically impaired and emotionally impaired women referred by local physicians; educational consultant, leper colony, 1/74 to 4/76


  • San Jose State University, Fall, 2004 to Spring, 2008, Instructional Technology, Fall, 2005 to present, Special Education Technology
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education, Internet Academies, Facilitator for CSU Leading and Learning with Technology, April 2001, -present
  • Connected University, Guide/Teaching Assistant, online staff development courses for educational professionals, Spring 20010 present
  • Sunnyvale Elementary School District, Teacher, special day class, seriously emotionally disturbed, grades 4-6, 9/93 to 2006; special day class, moderately handicapped, 2006-2007, grades 6-8; special day class, seriously emotionally disturbed, grades 3-5, 8/2007 to present
  • Los Altos School District, Teacher, special day class, grades 1-3, 2/93 to 7/93, long term substitute
  • Cupertino Union Elementary School District, Fremont Union High School District, substitute teacher, 9/92-2/93
  • Pinehill, Second Start, Teacher, English/advanced math, transition specialist, 5/90 to 6/92
  • San Jose Unified School District, Broadway Continuation HS, San Jose, Ca. Teacher for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed HS class, 9/87 to 6/88
  • Children's Health Council, Palo Alto, Ca. Head teacher for junior high school classroom, Learning Handicapped/Seriously Emotionally Disturbed, behavior modification program in a therapeutic milieu, 9/86 to 8/87
  • St. Louis Schools for Boys, Chelsea, Mi. Taught self-contained classroom, secondary level Severely Handicapped and Seriously Emotionally Disturbed adolescent boys, 9/77 to 1/78
  • Capitol Area Community Services, Lansing, Mi. Teacher of art and arts/crafts to HS students from the alternative school program, Lansing Public Schools; taught same to youth incarcerated in juvenile detention facility and female inmates in the Ingham County Correctional Facility, 9/76 to 6/77

Curriculum Development

  • Santa Clara County Office of Education, Leadership Team, Curriculum Team for Internet Academies, June 2001- 2003
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education, Tier 3 in conjunction with Connected University, co-wrote course “Text Literacy”, Summer, 2000
  • Sunnyvale Elementary School District, Ellis Elementary School, Sunnyvale, CA. Program development for intermediate therapeutic special day class, 1993-present
  • Santa Clara Unified School District, Wilcox HS, Santa Clara, CA Program development for secondary Developmentally Disabled community-based transition program, 9/88 to 4/90

  • Contributor, ConnSENSE Bulletin, Winter, 2010 - present, Google Apps and Assessibility
  • NECC, 2001, Proposal Review Chair
  • Sunnyvale Elementary School District, Mentor Teacher, 9/98-6/00
  • Pine Hill, Second Start, San Jose, Ca. Grant management, Workability, JTPA; Teacher, English/advanced math, transition specialist, 5/90 to 6/92
  • Easter Seals Society, Lansing, Mi. Grant writing, program planning and implementation of adapted art for handicapped adults, 9/72 to 6/73


  • B.A. (1971) Michigan State University; E. Lansing, Mi. Major-Art; Minors-Arts and Crafts, Education
  • M.A.(1977) Wayne State University; Detroit, Mi. Special Education, Learning Handicapped
  • M.A.,(1994) San Jose State University; San Jose, Ca. School Administration
  • Coursework – (1999) Digital Think, online classes software applications specific
  • Coursework – (Spring, 2000) Connected University – Faculty Training
  • M.A. (Spring, 2003) San Jose State University, Instructional Technology
  • Coursework – (2003) TeacherPrep, Pilot and Faculty Training
  • Coursework - (2006) CSU - Dominguez Hills, Assistive Technology


  • Secondary Continuing (Michigan); Art, K-12; 7th & 8th grades, all subjects; Educable/Trainable Mentally Retarded, K-12
  • Professional Clear, Single Subject Secondary (California); Art
  • Clear, Specialist (California); Learning Handicapped
  • Clear, Specialist (California); Severely Handicapped
  • Calif. Assoc. of Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate, Level 1
  • California Resource Specialist Certificate
  • California Bilingual Special Education Certificate (Portuguese), San Jose State University, San Jose, Ca.
  • Vocational Transition Specialist; San Jose State University, San Jose State University, San Jose, Ca.
  • CLAD Certificate, Santa Clara County Office of Education, San Jose, Ca.
  • California School Administration (1st Tier); San Jose State University, San Jose, Ca.
  • Assistive Technology Specialist, California State University-Dominguez Hills, Dominguez Hills, CA


  • Winter, 2010, CSUN, Developing Assistive Technology in a School District,  San Diego,  CA
  • Winter, 2010, SVCUE, 2010, Using Technology to Support Special Needs Learners in General and Special Education, San Jose, CA
  • Winter, 2010, Assistive Technology:  Assessment Center Development, Report Writing, Purchasing Explorations, Monterey, CA
  • Summer, 2009, Assistive Technology Team Training, Monterey,  CA
  • Summer, 2008, Assisitve Technology, AchieveKids, Palo Alto, CA
  • Summer, 2006, CTAP II, Technology for Diverse Learners, co-presentation with Julie Duffield, WestEd, Chico, CA
  • Winter, 2006, Finding Success, co-presenter, TRLD Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Spring, 2003, Assistive Technology, Foothill Community College LINC Program
  • Winter, 2002, Assistive Technology, Project Based Learning and Multimedia, Santa Clara County Office of Education, L2T All Cohort Workshops
  • Fall-Spring, 1998-2000, Computerized IEP’s, Email Basics, Psychopharmocology, Behavior Management, ADD/ADHD-Educator’s Survival Guide, Sunnyvale Elementary School District Mentor Teacher Program
  • Fall, 1996, Psychopharmocology, Dare To Care Conference, Sunnyvale Elementary School District in conjunction with the City of Sunnyvale
  • Fall, 1988, Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Secondary Special Education Teachers, Wilcox HS, Santa Clara Unified School District
  • February, 1990, Bilingual Special Education, Cupertino Union Elementary School District English Language Acquisition staff and teachers
  • Spring, 1991, Transition, Palo Alto Unified School District secondary special education personnel


  • HP Teacher Mentor, 2008
  • Discovery Educators Network, STAR Teacher, 2008
  • Intel Teach To The Future Master Teacher, July, 2007
  • Google Certified Teacher, November, 2006, Reload, June, 2008
  • Adobe Education Leader - Innovative Use of Technology in Education, April, 2006
  • Macromedia Education Leader - Innovative Use of Technology in Education, November, 2004
  • James W. Brown Outstanding Alumnus in Education, San Jose State University, Department of Instructional Technology, 2004, 2008
  • Apple Distinguished Educator – Apple Computer Corp. Innovative Use of Technology in Education, February, 1999
  • Microsoft Certified for Word and Powerpoint, 1999
  • Model Classroom, San Jose State University, Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, Severely Handicapped, Dr. Susan Meyers.
  • One of four programs featured in cover article, "Never Say Never," NEA Today, April, 1989, Vol. 7, No. 9.
  • Tuition Stipend-Advanced Training in Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Special Education, Severely Handicapped Credential, Resource
  • Specialist Program, Vocational Transition Specialist Certificate. San Jose State University, San Jose, Ca. 9/87 to 1/90
  • Certificate of Proficiency, Level 3, Portuguese language, Peace Corps
  • OEO Award, Pilot Study, in conjunction with Detroit Public Schools and Wayne State University to re-educate teacher in areas of need in the schools.
  • NCR scholarship, programmer training program NEAT II language, Detroit, Mi. May 1967.


  • SVCUE - Secretary, 2001 to present
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education,
    • Internet Institutes, Summers 1996-Tier 1,
    • 1999-Tier 2, 2000-Tier 3 (participant)
    • Leadership/Curriculum Team 2001-2002
  • Santa Clara County Juvenile Justice School Liaison Committee, Winter 1997-2000
    • Council for Exceptional Children, Fall 1988-1995
    • President, Santa Clara County Chapter 181, Fall 1989- Summer 1991
    • Secretary for State Division of Career Development, Fall 1991-1993
  • Community Advisory Committee, Special Education Local Planning Area II, Santa Clara County, Assistant Chair, 1992 to 1993; Chair, 1993 to 1998
  • Community Advisory Committee, San Jose State University, Department of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Fall 1988-present
  • Cupertino Union School District Gifted and Talented Program Review and Research Task Force, Fall 1989-Spring 1990
  • Sunnyvale Elementary School District
  • District Mentor Teacher, Fall 1998-2000
  • District Technology Trainer, Fall 1996-present
  • District Teacher Link with Amdahl Corp., Spring 1996-2000
  • Ellis Elementary School - School Site Council, Fall 1995-present
  • Ellis Elementary School Program Quality Review Team, Fall 1995-2006
  • Governing Board for Northern California Coalition (Parents Helping Parents, San Jose, Ca.; Matrix in Marin Co.; Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund in Berkeley; Exceptional Parents Unlimited in Fresno), January, 1992-1994
    Parent trainer, Parents Helping Parents, IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), Fall, 1991-present
  • Commissioner, Santa Clara County Commission on Persons With Disabilities, 3/92- 8/96