Nori Murphy

A member of the Southern California Academy.

I became a teacher after a checkered educational experience in both public and private schools across the US and in Brussels, Belgium. A high school drop out, I finished a few years later in Adult School in Southern California and went on to earn a teaching credential at a local University. My  intention was to be the kind of teacher who would have engaged and challenged me when I was a student.

My teaching experience includes:
  • 6th grade (multiple subject)
  • 7th grade (Language Arts in an Interdisciplinary Core)
  • 8th grade (Quest for Values)
  • Continuation High School ( Government, Economics and Technology)
  • ...and of course, Adult Education (English, Govt/Econ, HSE Test Prep)

After writing a digital high school grant and using invaluable resources at the county level, I applied to work with the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) as a technology trainer. Incredibly challenging and always changing, working with such creative people at a county level had a permanent impact on my career. Most educators do not get the opportunity to travel far from their own classroom or district but county employees are afforded such an incredible honor. And San Bernardino, Inyo, Mono and Riverside County cover a lot of real estate!

I went on to work as a Technology Coordinator at district level. Between regional CTAP trainings and district based technology staff development, I learned quite a bit about how NOT to implement staff development. The early training sessions I developed seemed to be pleasant but never made a difference to what actually happened in the classroom. Following 3 years of research, I found that a project based model of staff development with equal parts training time and planning time had far more impact. This model was the most likely type of training to make a difference for students. The last five years have allowed me to implement this model and support teachers of all levels to update their teaching tools and in some cases, reflect deeply on how they organize their teaching.

Recent cut backs in public education spurred me upward to the higher education level where I currently pedal my ideas at The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of La Verne in Southern California. I am delighted to support faculty and staff with Blackboard CMS as well as incorporating more engaging and collaborative content in their hybrid or online courses.

I continue to teach as an Assistant Professor in the Education Dept and am the lead teacher for the Computers for Educators course. The first task in this position was to rewrite the software-oriented syllabus to update the content to a more 21st century experience. The challenge is currently as daunting as it is exciting. Yes, there is a Google tool for everyone~ it is a blast!

I share my life with a madman who works for the X-Games and our 9 year old daughter. None of us likes schedules or bedtimes.

Twitter: nononi28
Diigo: nononi28