Nancy Sharoff

I've been teaching for the last 17 years.  I've taught 2nd, 4th, and 5th/6th Math.  I'm currently a K-4 Technology Facilitator in Ellenville, New York (and loving EVERY minute of it!).  Previously, I worked as an Academic Advisor for the University of Maryland, European Division providing academic counseling to military members and their families in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and the Azores (yup, tough life, but somebody had to do it! LOL).  I also teach graduate level courses in Educational Technology, Children's Literature, and Reading in the Content Areas.
I've presented on a variety of topics at the local, state, national, and virtual levels:
  • 'Get a Life, a Second Life That Is!'
  • 'Do You See What I Mean: Visual Literacy and Web 2.0 Tools'
  • 'Information YOUR Way: Google Customized Search, Google News, and Google Reader'
  • 'Web 2.0 - Tools to Enhance Learning and Engage Learners'
  • workshops based on the nine instructional strategies identifed by Robert Marzano in 'Classroom Instruction That Works'
When I'm not busy in my first life, I'm very involved in my 'Second Life' as a member of the Discovery Educator Network's Leadership Council and as a Docent for ISTE. 
I'm a graduate of the New York Google Academy '07.