Lucie deLaBruere

I live and teach in northern Vermont -- so close to the border that I've had students who sleep in Canada and eat breakfast in the U.S.and when the basketball rolls out of their driveway it rolls into another country. Most of my career has been spent with high school students in Career and Technical Education, but most recently I'm the tech integration specialist in a K-8 school in St. Albans, Vermont. I post all resources to professional development that I offer at and blog at
As part of my commitment to digital equity I've created  and support initiatives such as Tech Savvy Girls, Tech Savvy Kids, and Teach Savvy Teachers to address some of the digital divide related to gender, poverty, and experience-gaps. My children have all flown the nest, but that didn't stop me from asking them to help me with my Google Teachers Academy video (they helped me by composing and producing the music for the video).

  • Currently working as Tech Integration Specialist at St. Albans City School (Grades K-8)
  • 15 years of recent experience in Career and Technical Education
  • 20 years of experience as a Business Educator
  • Professional Development and Graduate Course Instructor for Technology and Education courses
  • Masters of Science in Internet Engineering from Graduate Center at Marlboro College
  • Director of the Tech Savvy Girls, Tech Savvy Kids, Tech Savvy Teachers, and Tech Savvy Learning Communities
  • Interests

    education, emerging technology, digital divide, social software, student leadership, women in tech, web 2.0
    Online presence
  • I'm techsavvygirl on Twitter,, Skype
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