Linda Nitsche

Linda Nitsche

Digital Learning Specialist and Consultant
Skype: lvnitsche
Twitter: lnitsche
  • Google Educator Trainer
  • Google Education Trainer
  • Common Sense Certified Trainer 
  • CUE Lead Learner
  • PAECT Teacher of the Year 2008
  • STAR Discovery Educator
  • Keystone Technology Integrator 2005
As an educator with over 38 years of experience in public education, Linda had taught in classrooms from Kindergarten through the eighth grade level, teaching in a range of grade level,  Gifted Support, and working as an Academic Coach. Throughout all of her experience, Linda has forged a partnership between herself, students, parents, community, and the larger world encouraging collaboration, inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. The LearningHub, her classroom wiki, which highlights the past projects and work of her students, was used as a collaborative space developed for the purpose of involving students and parents in understanding and using technology together with Web2.0 tools. Linda currently strives to engage teachers and organization through her current professional development efforts. She provides face to face and virtual professional development on a range of topics across the United States. 

Identified as a State Level
Keystone Technology Integrator in 2005 and as the PAECT Teacher of the Year in 2008, Linda has supported technology integration efforts in Pennsylvania through her continuing work on staff for the Keystone Technology Integrator Summit. In addition, she is a member of the Keystone Advisory Committee and helps plan the implementation of the Keystone Integrators Program.  She is also active with PAECT, ISTE's Pennsylvania affiliate, serving on committees to support PETE&C, the annual Pennsylvania Technology Conference. Linda blogs at Nitsche Notes and also supports professional development efforts at her website.  Linda is also recognized as a STAR Discovery Educator, Common Sense Certified Trainer, Google Certified Teacher and Google Education Trainer.


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