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Kristin's background is as an elementary teacher.  In 2005 she was selected as a state level Keystone Technology Integrator.  She is currently the Technology Integration Coach at the Upper Merion Area High School, King of Prussia, PA for Pennsylvania's Classrooms for the Future Initiative.  Her project Hands Across PA was recognized with distinguished honors for SIGTEL's Online Learning Award in 2005.  She has presented at  conferences including the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Conference and Expo (2006 / 2007), Discovery Educator Network Regional Leadership Conference (2006), Keystone Technology Integrator Summit (2006 / 2007),   Eastern Business Leaders Association Conference (2007), and Classrooms for the Future Boot Camp (2007).  A Keystone Technology Integrator, STAR Discovery Educator, PA Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council Co-Chair, PAECT South Eastern Regional Director,  Kristin maintains The Connected Classroom Blog and Wikispace and focuses her work on creating collaborative opportunities for teachers and students.

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