John Thomas

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John Thomas is an Australian elearning pioneer, teacher and entrepreneur.

In the 1980s he introduced computers to the schools at which he taught and conducted professional development sessions at schools, conferences and university.  

In 1985 he founded Dataworks, a company which became a leading Australian curriculum software publisher. 

In the 1990s he helped bring Australia’s best loved children’s characters to interactive format. This included the production and distribution of multi-award winning CD-ROMs featuring The Wiggles, Bananas in Pyjamas, Hi-5, Play School and others. Collectively, these titles broke local sales records and were licensed for resale in more than 50 countries.  John also managed the production and distribution of broad range of educational titles for the K-12 education market.  Highlights included award winning collaborations with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation such as the CD-ROM Frontier: Stories from White Australia's Forgotten War.

In the 2000s John managed the production of a range of elearning initiatives including Easy2Learn, a collaboration with Telstra, Australia’s leading Telecommunications Company, and Curriculum Corporation, a semi-government body owned by Australia’s Federal and State Ministries of Education.
In 2007 John sold his business and moved to his country property with his wife and two young daughters.   When his eldest daughter started school he began volunteering his ICT expertise and soon found himself helping other schools in the area.  He now works part-time as a consultant and part-time as a DEECD teacher assisting students, teachers and principals with new technologies. John is passionate about the transformative power of information and communications technology and loves to explore the opportunities it provides to improve teaching and learning practice.  Currently he assists schools in the Castlemaine area including Winters Flat Primary SchoolCampbell's Creek Primary SchoolCastlemaine Primary School and Guildford Primary SchoolYou can follow him on Twitter here and find his education blog here.

John is a life long learner with a wide range of interests.  His formal qualifications include a Diploma of Primary Teaching (Music, PE), a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Philosophy) and a Master of Educational Studies Degree (Educational Computing).

John's GTA Application Video