Jill Galloway

Jill Galloway is an educator who currently serves as Coordinator of Instructional Technology for Irving Independent School District in Irving, TX.  Jill is fortunate to be able to fulfill her passion for educational technology while working for a district that is helping lead the revolution by providing innovative and authentic 21st-century learning experiences.  She provides professional development to district employees and educators throughout the state on current topics and tools in educational technology, including green technologies, project-based learning, Google Apps for Education and the infusion of social media into the classroom.
Jill has earned a Master of Education in Instructional Technology, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.  She was honored to be selected as a Google Certified Teacher in 2009.  She is a lifelong learner whose professional interests include, but are not limited to, green technologies, project-based learning, social media, digital media, and providing learners with engaging educational experiences that seamlessly incorporate relevant and innovative technology tools. 
Personally, when she is able to suppress her addiction to all things digital, Jill lives for attending concerts to hear live music and is Pearl Jam's biggest fan.  In addition, as the self-proclaimed Queen of Kong, with a fistful of quarters, she enjoys challenging opponents (excluding Steve Wiebe or Billy Mitchell, that is) without fear or hesitation to a classic game of Donkey Kong. 
Contact Information
Twitter:  ajillgalloway
Skype:  ajillgalloway