David Hellam

I teach IB Computer Science and Key Stage 3-4 ICT/Computing courses at Riverside School, Prague, Czech Republic.
I have also taught in the Bahamas, Kuwait and the UK.

I joke that I am a lapsed mathematician, as I trained originally as a mathematics and computing/ICT teacher.

I attended GTAUK 12 in London: you will find my reflections on the experience here


Programming as a creative, problem-solving discipline.
My 2012 Scratch Day resources will be available from ComputerProgrammingClass.com
My 2013 Scratch Day site is at ScratchInControl.com
We will be running Scratch in Control - the Winter Event in Prague on 30 November 2013.

Web Projects

My homepage at hellam.net

Current Projects:

This is what I'm working on as part of my Action Plan: 
inspiracies.com - Conspire to Inspire!

Old Stuff, but worth a look at:

ICTspecialist.com - some ICT resources, notes and games
InteractiveStuff.org - a variety of resources
Mathematical Interactivities - about 60 mathematical games 


Telecommunications - a STEM project awards finalist 1999
Making Measurements - a STEM project awards finalist 2000

more to come...

Training Resources

I shall add links to any training resources I develop in my capacity as a GCT here:

I have presented at the 2012 European GAfE Summit and the 2013 Middle East GAfE Summit
I also presented at the 2013 European Scratch Summit