Brian Van Dyck

Born and raised in Santa Clara Valley California, I have watched the transformation of Silicon Valley go from Orchards to Silicon Chips to Internet Giants.  I grew up as close friends of the Geschke family.  My best friend Pete's dad pioneered and co-founded the technology giant Adobe Systems. Chuck Geschke became the sole inspirational force behind my passion for technology in education.  I am a former Middle School classroom teacher, now in a new phase of my educational career as a math coach for grades 5-9.  I got the call offering me this new position on the eve of the Google Teacher Academy (Mt. View '08).  That was quite a week for me.  In addition to my activities as a Google Certified Teacher, I provide professional development workshops and seminars at school sites and education conferences all centered on the integration of digital technology into the student learning experience.  I am a life-long learner and hope to inspire others to join me in the journey.

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