Ana M. Ritter

Ana M. Ritter - Google Teacher Academy for Administrators

I love Google and use it non-stop, both personally and professionally.  People know me as a  Google Aficionada. I have even been faulted for using Google too much, but how can that be? Google is on the cutting edge of almost everything needed to be successful in the 21st Century and that's where I need to be.  What makes me a great candidate is the fact that I believe in Google. I filter every task through a Google lens: How can I Google this for a better outcome?  I respect Google for pushing the limit, thinking outside the box and caring first and foremost for the people they serve.  


I am a hands-on administrator. I see challenges as opportunities and not obstacles.  I am not afraid to admit I don't know the answer because I have the skill and determination to find it.  As part of an administrative team I am constantly analyzing and diagnosing educational ailments looking for systemic remedies. To this end I am a listener, learner, thinker and doer.  After determining what’s needs to be done, I research it extensively and then join in professional conversation to reach a consensus that will best meet our goals and objectives. I am an implementer and with Google my job becomes more manageable. I am collaborative, resourceful and technologically savvy. I am the point person for all issues dealing with technology.   I lead by example. I am a Googler.

Twitter: aritter