Amy Mayer

(Someone said they were dismayed at the lack of cowboy hats here in San Antonio today, so, there you go.  You've got a hat!)
(C'mon, PLEASE?!? Make me happy. I like to see that counter change!)

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Can't say how thrilled I am with the GTAdmin day in San Antonio last week. 
It was equally exhausting and awesome. What an amazing group of people and tools. 
Thanks you Google, thank you very much.

Instructional Technology . . .
is not about learning to use technology; it is about using technology to learn.  It is the systematic implementation of instruction that is designed to maximize the development of human capabilities.  Our goal is to teach teachers how to help students learn whatever they are learning better through the use of technology equipment and systems.

PS. This is a "historical" site, so except for the links being somewhat updated, it will remain the same as way back when it was created. Thanks! --Amy, 2012

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