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Action Plan

Google Lit Trips
Jerome Burg
Mt. View'06

Google Lit Trips are free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature on the surface of Google Earth. 

The Chromebook Classroom
Aaron Slutski
Seattle '11
James Sanders 
UK '12

From opposite sides of the US, these two GCTs,Aaron Slutsky and James Sanders, teamed up to create a Youtube channel that aims to help teachers and schools deploy and integrate Google Chromebooks effectively.

Google Historical Voyages and Events
Carol LaRow
NYC '07

This very popular project reaches around the globe with each project has a history theme and schools must use Google tools. You will see everything from explorers to historical literature to famous historical events. Here are some examples:
Historical Events
History of Your Community
Cultures Around The World

Remaining Young
Jim Sill
Mt. View'08

Students created a website featuring a Google Form that asked students from around the world what they were doing to avoid becoming a teen parents. Using Social Media, students spread the word to watch their Youtube video and help find solutions to a huge problem plaguing their area.

Traveling to England
Rita Zeinstejer

For three years, Rita has been taking a group of students from Argentina to a school of English in Brighton, England. In order to help them get to know each other, she used a blog in Blogger. Students then created a Google Site that they used to process information on the different cities they'd visit in England. Here is an example: 

1st Russian K-12 Google Apps User Group
Boris Yarmakhov
Sydney '11

Building the Russian K-12 Google Apps users regional group. It will be one of the first non-English speaking educational Google Apps communities.

Teacher Training Site
Diane Main
MtView '06
Diane created this website to  help educate teachers in her school about what it means to have Google Apps for Education.  As teachers use the tools, they will contribute to the site

Google Sketchup Plan
James Abela
GTAUK, '12
James Abela shared his Action Plan from the GTAUK in 2012:  Then he implemented it:  Because of his plan, he ended up sharing some CPD sessions using Google Hangouts. Then all hell broke loose:

He writes:
"When they told me to think big, I was being a typical Brit and thinking to myself that I'd go back to my little town in Suffolk and never be heard from again. 1 month later, little did I realize that thanks to Google Hangouts I'd become a giant face on a screen in Prague. Three months later I was leading a massive event at Cambridge University filmed by the BBC and now 6 months later, I'm converted! Don't think big, think VERY big! Because it might just happen…"

Alice Keeler
My project was CoffeeCUE.  Using the unconference model a coffeecue is an informal get together of educators that lasts one hour.  Anyone can put on a coffeecue event (and please anyone reading this please consider putting one on!). You just need to put together a date, time and location.  Invite any educator and you have yourself a coffeecue.  Post a sign at your event so people can find you.  Signs are available on the website.

Google Presentation

Collaborating Around the World
Sarah Rolle 
NY '07
Sarah's second graders do a culture exchange in the spring with classes in Australia. She and fellow GCT Laurie Wales send mascots to each other and post pictures so that the children could learn about the other country and other school based on where the mascot was in the picture. 

Teacher Sites 
Anne Dotson
Anne created a blog for her teachers It can be found here: 
One of her teachers, also a Google Certified Teacher has a fabulous site:

This I Believe Essays
Jen Jonson

Students composed essays in Docs, then recorded a podcast using Aviary. Aviary is linked to the apps domain so our students already had accounts ready & waiting. Podcasts were mixed down using Aviary'sterrific mp3 embedded player code to simply copy & paste into Sites. Using page-level permissions in Sites, students had access to the relevant page on the collaborative site.

Fictitious Worlds 
Chris Clementi
Boulder '09

Chris' 8th graders put together Google sites on fictitious countries, museums or businesses. Here is her demo site:

History with Stamps
Yair Farby
Israel '12

In it's initial stages, Yair is using Google Sites & stamps generated by the JNF to teach the history of the state of Israel. In this way, it teaches the history of Israeli Nationality through subjects like: arithmetic's, geography and earth studies, bible and history, art and calligraphy, literature and poetry. (Hebrew Version) (English Version)

Virtual Class Trips Google Site
John Calvert
NYC '08
Inspired by Jerome Burg's Lit Trips, John created this Google site for primary children (7-8 year-olds) who are exploring different types of communities. Lesson plans are included in the Teacher Pages. There is even a link to add your own Field Trip to the site.

Google Earth Walks
Holly Dornak
Sydney '11
During a Google Earth Walk, students engage in real-world problem solving as they work their way through a virtual tour on Google Earth. Each placemark offers an engaging, geotagged image as well as a compelling question, challenging students to apply what they've learned in the real world. Right now, the focus is principally Math, but they're in the process of incorporating Science and Social Studies

Jon Corripo
Seattle, '11
His GTA action plan was to create Rock Star Teacher Camp series. We've had 3 sell outs in a row and are planning 3 more next summer, including one on an aircraft carrier. :) We've had about 6-8 alums become GCTs and had probably almost a dozen schools go GAFE as part of the process.

Carrie Anne Philbin
GTAUK 2012
I've been working on a youtube channel designed for teenage girls to inspire them to take up IT, computer science, engineering, technology and science. I hope to change the world!