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In order to complete your team activity you will need to make use of the following tools:

 Operators    Modifiers         Misc
Time Exact Phrase use quotations Timeline
Weather Advanced Search Domain Scholar
Population      Advanced Search Filetype Book
Airline and Flight Number  Patent
Number and Unit of Currency to Currency  Image
Cuisine type and city  Squared

A few presentations produced by other GCT's and by Dr. Dan Russell (feel free to peruse these for additional information).

YouTube Video


This is a story about a guy named Joe Shmoe. One day Joe decided to go on a trip. His intention was to visit a few different cities.  So his first trip was to the beautiful city of Seattle.  Prior to leaving for Seattle he need to check on the weather.  He found out the weather over the next couple of days was going to be ___1___ with an average temperature of ___2___.  So he booked his flight on United Airlines Flight #5341.  Will his flight arrive on time? ___3___.  Upon his arrival to downtown Seattle he immediately wanted to get something to eat. So he used google search to find a good Italian Food restaurant that was near him on Pine Street. He found two that are ranked 4 stars or higher, they are named ___4___ and ___5___. Before he left the restaurant the waiter asked Joe,  “Are you going to eat that ort?” Not knowing what the waiter meant by ort Joe looked it up. He learned that an ort is ___6___.  So with a full stomach Joe decided it was time to explore the city.  He also wanted to be able to talk with the locals and spend some money.  Joe needed to sell some of his stock in Google and thus had to check its’ price.  The current price of Google stock is ___8___.  Joe also looked up the most recent result of the Seattle Mariners and learned they ___7___.  He wanted to do some research on the state of Washington.  He wanted to know the following: the state bird ___9___, the state flower ___10___, the state tree ___11___, the state nickname ___12___, the state fruit ___13___, and the state population ___14___. During his research Joe noticed a repeating reference to the year 1889 and wondered why. He learned that this was important because ___15___.  While conducting his research on the state of Washington as well as the city of Seattle Joe came across a book written by Justin Henderson.  The book is titled ___16___. He also came across this image and wondered who the person is
 ___17___ (

The book title prompted him to wonder more about the cultural history in Seattle, so he found an article written by Thomas Bell in The Journal of Cultural Geography.  The title of the article is ___18___.  All of this knowledge and the ease with which Joe was able to obtain it got him to thinking if he could find out what the following patent number is for 20030095096. He learned that it is for the navigational input on an ___19___, which was quite fitting considering the research he was conducted.

After an enjoyable visit to Seattle Joe’s next destination was Tokyo, Japan.  So of course he needed to conduct some research on Japan. However, he felt in order to find a reliable and trustworthy site he would need to conduct a special search. He changed this parameter of his search ___20___ and found this website ___21___.  The first phrase he learned in Japanese was ありがとう. Which means ___22___.  He also set a budget of $1000 for his trip to Tokyo and needed to know how much that would be in Yen. He found out $1000 equals ___23___. He also needed to figure what time it is in Japan based on the current time in Seattle. The time in Japan is approximately ___24___.  

The last thing Joe wanted to learn more about was how trendy Japanese Baseball searches were and what city conducted the most research on this topic.  He learned that ___25___ was the most city trending the most on this search. So thanks to the use Google and a myriad of search options, strategies, and functions Joe was able to learn many many things about both his destinations in a very short period of time.  Nothing like saving time!!

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