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Google Docs: Forms, Scripts, Gadgets

Lead Learner: 

The Tools: Forms, Scripts, and Gadgets

The Crib Sheet:  Google Docs

Agenda: Share a lil, watch a lil, play a lot!

GTAWA: Forms, Gadgets, Scripts

Activity One:
Be Prepared to Share-- Nerds!

    • Think for a moment about advanced things you've done to take Docs to a Nerdy level; 
      write your name and your nerdiness on the Nerds pack, huff it across 
      the room, and find another one and its owner and share! Eat after.

Activity Two: Check Out Prime Examples

    • Come along as we quickly go through some top uses
       of Forms, Gadgets, and Scripts with quick demo!   

Activity Three: Which Geek Are You?

What Do You Want to Learn?
You've shared, you've watched, let's Geek. For our last ten minutes with each other, 
choose one of the Geeky tasks and get 'er done! Be sure to share 
on Google + with your GTAWA Circle and
 Twitter your masterpiece once you're done!   

Make a Self-Grading Quiz with Flubaroo or a Script!

Check out and follow the instructions 
to either:

1) Play with a sample quiz and see how it works
2.) Ready to make your own? Follow these instructions
 step-by-step to create a Form, create an answer key, insert
Flubaroo script, and you're golden!

Make a Gadget: 

Take Spreadsheet data (either your own or one of the examples) and 
Insert>Gadget to display your info a delightfully geeky way.

Get started by checking out an actual spreadsheet of each gadget, and change it 
to make it your own!

Super Nerd Alert: "Publish Chart" and insert it into a Google Site!
 It updates as you update it.


Click here for a list of gadgets and how to use 'em!
Motion chart, word cloud, tree map, or just mess with charts.

Make a Script!

Play with an existing Script: Use the Example Script, spreadsheet, and
and tutorial and practice making a very simple script. Magic!

Edit a Script template: Using MCQ Scripts, create a form or survey
that e-mails back people who submit it (great for sending quiz scores,
pre-workshop surveys, classroom observations, and more!)

Or check out the Gallery and give one a test drive!
Activity Four: Smile!

Smile! Get your Geeky Photo shot B-) and Tweet/Google + whatchya did!


Gadgets with Spreadsheets

Doing More with Spreadsheets


Advanced Forms