Finding You Inner Spielberg

Tips for making awesome videos

  • Digital Story Telling vs Cinematic Narrative
  • Basic elements of great video production
    • Types of shots
    • Framing of the shot
    • Placement of the shot (editing)
  • Create professional looking videos even with teacher time constraints
  • Audience suggestions

Basic Elements of Video Production
YouTube - Creators Corner
YouTube Handbook

Shot Types:
  • EST=Establishing Shot
  • LS = Long Shot (aka Wide Shot)
  • MS = Medium Shot
  • CU = Close Up
Framing Basics
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Headroom
  • Leadroom / Talking Space
  • High Angle
  • Low Angle
  • Dutch Angle
  • Angle / Reverse Angle
    • the conversation
  • Jump Cut / Axial Cut
    • re-purposing a bad thing
  • Cut in / Cut Away
    • Kulochov Effect
Made Especially for Educators:

Inspire Kids with Videos

Project Ideas for the Classroom
When you don’t have the time or money to put materials together

Lead Learner

Jim Sill
Google Certified Teacher
Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer
Apple Distinguished Educator
Video Production Teacher
El Diamante High School
Visalia, CA
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Finding Your Inner Spielberg