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Google Voice


Google Number vs. Non-Google Number

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice in Education

Cory's Killer Features



Google Voice GTADMIN

Hands on Activity:

Hi, use this "Call Widget" to give my a call to see what Google Voice can do. (Not visible in Chrome)

Google Voice uses in education:

  • Math Text Homework Hotline
    • Teachers use SMS forwarding for homework help
      • Teachers feel comfortable giving out a number
      • students can ask for help using text
      • Teacher can respond from phone, web or email
  •  Science Data Gathering
    • Students leave the classroom to gather data
      • Students forward data via text to teacher
      • Teacher collated data
      • Students returned to use class set of data
  • Foreign Language Class - Sentence Structure
    • Students use a voice mail as their homework
      • Students speak a sentence in English and the foreign language
      • Teacher and Student can listen to it together for critique
      • Message is stored so students and teacher can see progression of fluency
  • Speech Class
    • Students can use to perfect their speech
      • Students call in and leave a part of their speech
      • Students and teacher can listen to speech
      • Teacher can download or email speech to students
      • Transcription will tell if student is they are annunciating and speed is correct

Google Voice Resources:
Links to Google Voice Help Pages:


Google Voice "About" Web Page

Google Voice Channel on YouTube - See embedded page at bottom.

What is Google Voice?


Sign-up Options

Screen Callers


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International Calling

Old Google Voice Playlist - 19 videos

Google Voice YouTube Channel