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Google Docs for Administrators

Lead Learner: Sarah Rolle

The Tool:

The Crib Sheet: Google Docs


  • Intro
    • Brainstorm
  • Presentation
    • Be an active participant.
  • Hands-On
    • Let's Collaborate!
  • Wrap-Up

Google Docs for GTAdmin

Administrative Uses of Google Docs:

Watershed School - Corey Pavicich
  • Transcript - spreadsheet
  • End of term narrative assessments - collaborative document
  • Forms students fill out - view only, print or make a copy and submit digitally, e.g.: independent study form, course change form - document
  • Master schedule- spreadsheet for sharing on websites
  • track disciplinary/academic referrals
Valley Catholic School - Colette Cassinelli
  • Sample data used in mail merge for end of year student evaluations - spreadsheets
  • Shared folders for docs, pdfs, schedules, meeting notes, reading material - various

Millburn Township Public Schools - Liz Bagish

  • Write and share curriculum (then embed in a site)
  • Write professional development plan using the state's template
  • Plan meetings, post and share agendas
    • Especially helpful when admins from more than one building are running a meeting
    • Some ask teachers to add to the agenda
    • Sometimes one agenda contains all the notes for the school year - most recent agenda at the top with links, resources, questions, and ideas running throughout
  • Lists of room equipment (which have interactive whiteboards/projectors) - helpful when we schedule after school meetings
  • Connect student outcomes to technology needs -spreadsheet
  • Technology review- e.g., assistive technology needs
Pt England School Aukland, New Zealand -  Dorothy Burt
  • Any District-wide innovation
  • Grant writing - allows for minimal face-to-face meetings
Bensalem Township School District - Jill Sitnick
  • Course selection/recommendations for MS kids going to HS - collaborative spreadsheet as all kids have to be in one spreadsheet for SIS

Resources from Google:
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