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Google Apps for Education

Google-based resources
Google recently revamped their Google Apps Admin help center, with lots of great links and resources.  Here's the link to the deployment homepage for educational institutions and a link to training videos for many specific uses of the various apps. On the deployment homepage, they offer full step-by-step explanations on how to migrate your current domain, and then extensive support for your implementation.

Regional School Unit #19 and Google Apps
My district is in the third year of full implementation of Google Apps Education Edition. There has been a large volume of interest in my state and I presented at the state technology conference with other GCT's at a Google Workshop for Educators.  This link ] explains how Google Apps are being administered at various grade levels throughout my district. 

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Activity  . . .
Most of us have recurring education problems or issues that arise. Think about which of the most pressing that Google Apps for Education might address in your school or district. 

Then, click this SURVEY LINK and enter them.

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