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GCTAction Plan URLSnippet (150 characters)Complete DateGTA Attended
Brianna Gray    UK 2012 
Claire Waite    UK 2012 
Claire Waite I plan to develop the use of GAFE in my primary school setting, integrating it into every day teaching and learning. I will use the skills of my digital leaders to help train the staff and children. January 3, 2013 UK 2012 
David Hellam Inspiracies: conspire to inspire! An online community using Google tools to teach programming through encouraging positive action for social change. April 30, 2013 UK 2012 
David Read Provide an updated and inclusive online writing advice system using Google Tools (Docs, Plus, Sites) for ALL the international students at the University of Sheffield, whether located in Sheffield or abroad.  February 4, 2013 UK 2012 
Dom Breadmore    UK 2012 
Graham Bowman My plan is to set up Google Apps for Education to integrate with Active Directory. I will use the various Apps with my classes for collaboration, then challenge my pupils to create tutorials for others. I will then demonstrate how the Apps can be used to other staff within the school to use with their classes. March 30, 2012 UK 2012 
Jacqueline Ralphson Setting up GAfE for our Teaching Schools Alliance and creating a site to be used as a professional hub where information can be found on the range of services we can provide. Gmail+ accounts will be set up for the teachers, governors and administrators involved to enable a clear line of communication. Documents pertaining to the courses and relevant resources will be stored in Docs accessible by the Alliance teachers/schools. March 23, 2013 UK 2012 
James Abela Create a Scheme of Work and resources for Sketchup and share it via a Website and UK resource site, “The TES” and promote it via social networks. June 30, 2012 UK 2012 
James Sanders    UK 2012 
James Wilding Pair each ISA ‘Hub’ school with schools going Google elsewhere in the world, preferentially those in the developing world, who will benefit for contact/collaboration/companionship with ISA and its community of 300 schools, 7000 teachers, 70,000 students. January 31, 2013 UK 2012 
Jamie Greason    UK 2012 
Jill Duman    UK 2012 
Juan De Luca Using Google Hangouts on Air, present teachers a Google Product that they can use in their classrooms, using examples for all expertise levels. May 6, 2013 UK 2012 
Kate Cheal    UK 2012 
Kate Farrell    UK 2012 
Kevin Tracy I would like to provide opportunities for those in rural areas with less access to electives such as robotics and computer programming the opportunity by creating on online supplementary class. June 20, 2013 UK 2012 
Marc Richardson    UK 2012 
Michael Miller Project Description: To create a system of resources and opportunities for KRESA (Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency) teachers(50+ teachers) and students(3000 students). This system of resources include the following: Students Electronic Portfolio through the use of Google Sites Email Googled Education Applications (Docs, Gmail, Ect.) Teachers Online Curriculum for EFE Manual (Presentation for use, Employment Resources, Workplace Safety, Ect.) Online Resources for Assignments through sites, Ect. Break up for subject areas and by Employability skills October 31, 2012 UK 2012 
Nicole Naditz    UK 2012 
Pádraig Ó Dubhaigh    UK 2012 
Paul Greenwood Explore and report on use of Google Time in the classroom. Time for children to develop own projects. May 4, 2013 UK 2012 
Paul Robson Create tutorials and templates for scripts in GApps, starting with basics of JavaScript and including standalone applications October 31, 2012 UK 2012 
Reece Lennon The goal is for enrolled students to use a variety of Google tools tools to create a website that will host and share information that new students and families would like to know before arriving at our school. June 15, 2012 UK 2012 
Rory McGann    UK 2012 
Ross Cooper In my school, I will help to lead professional development that involves project-based learning with technology integration. During the summer, I will be holding three separate sessions for the faculty in my building. Throughout the school year, I will continue to provide guidance and support for both teachers and students.  June 20, 2013 UK 2012 
Ryan Easton Implement Google Apps and train teachers so they can train their students on how to use these tools. June 13, 2013 UK 2012 
Sheli Blackburn The Digital Leader Network. Optimizing collaborative working and sharing of resources using YouTube, google groups and docs amongst other resources. Use maps to identify schools with DLs.  April 4, 2013 UK 2012 
Simon Lewis    UK 2012 
Simon McLoughlin Introducing Google Apps for Education across KS2, using Google tools to get rid of the "Make a PowerPoint" instruction in ICT lessons. May 3, 2013 UK 2012 
Steph Ladbrooke How can project based learning powered with Google technology develop pupils’ global citizenship and help them make a positive contribution to the environment? Using a project based approach, in teams pupils will choose a project to address a rainforest based environmental issue. With lots of scope for pupil choice, children will access the wide range of Google Apps tools to support collaborative planning, development and implementation of their projects. Pupils will develop a diverse set of skills and be able to blog their learning journeys and be involved in self and peer assessment. Pupils will have opportunities to share their work with the school community and beyond. Throughout I will also share my experiences of project based learning, using real contexts and the contribution that Google technology makes to children’s learning. Sharing will be through staff meetings, inset with local schools and through TeachMeets, my blog and the class website. April 4, 2013 UK 2012 
Steph Ladbrooke    UK 2012 
Tinashe Blanchet Students, teachers, and volunteers in my new homeschool program will use Google apps ( to communicate and share our work with the local community and the world.  UK 2012 
Tom Deris    UK 2012 
Troy Warner White Will be applying a number of principles relating to the flipped classroom to an after-school athletics environment. The goal is to incorporate technology and Google Apps to maximum training time.   UK 2012 
Umran Naeem    UK 2012 
Warren Apel Students in every grade, 3-12, using Sites for e-portfolios  UK 2012 
Yonit Weil    UK 2012 
Godofredo Ginex-Orinion    NYC 2012 
Lindsay Johnson    NYC 2012 
Klista Lawyer-Reynolds    NYC 2012 
Toni Shellady    NYC 2012 
Michael Sammartano    NYC 2012 
Chris Merkert    NYC 2012 
Regina Schaffer    NYC 2012 
Joe Wood    NYC 2012 
Fiona Beal    NYC 2012 
Michael Niehoff    NYC 2012 
Cristin Rold    NYC 2012 
Andrea Mystrena    NYC 2012 
Zoe Parrish    NYC 2012 
Amy Fox-Billig    NYC 2012 
Ivan Nieves    NYC 2012 
Aurelius Yeo    NYC 2012 
Alline Sada    NYC 2012 
Kelly Croy    NYC 2012 
Roni Habib    NYC 2012 
Sean Junkins    NYC 2012 
Michelle Hill    NYC 2012 
Linda Yollis    NYC 2012 
John Simon Esteller    NYC 2012 
Michael Hernandez    NYC 2012 
David Malone    NYC 2012 
Andrew Drozd    NYC 2012 
Brandon Wislocki    NYC 2012 
Matthew Moran    NYC 2012 
Kathi Felder    NYC 2012 
Adena Dershowitz    NYC 2012 
Lawrence Reiff I plan on using google docs and YouTube to flip traditional grammar lesson. All of the lesson will be created as presentations in Google Docs. The presentations will be shared with students through a link. At the same time, the lessons will be supported by a new YouTube channel with original and curated videos that support the lesson content. June 21, 2013 NYC 2012 
Colleen Murray To achieve transparency, our class will provide online, public evidence of activities and growth using google sites, google calendar and tools provided at the Google Teacher Academy NYC 2012, such as: Camtasia and Snaggit. Students will develop a learning portfolio using google sites, where they will house independent and collaborative work upon which they will reflect upon their personal, educational growth. These sites will be public for their learning communities and me to examine.   NYC 2012 
Jennifer Kirsch My action plan aims to create YouTube playlists and GoogleMaps for my students to use as “virtual annotations” in their reading. While they will continue to mark up their books with observations about literary devices, character development and interesting vocabulary, YouTube will help students gain a more three dimensional understanding of the world within their texts October 10, 2013 NYC 2012 
Brent Catlett I plan to work on three areas: improving the rollout and use of GAFE for my district, YouTube for creating channels, playlists & curating videos used in class & helping flip the classroom, and using Google Calendar to schedule Parent Teacher Conferences. October 10, 2013 NYC 2012 
Jennifer Garcia Work with an NGO on the implementation of a learning lab for rural children. Use Google Apps to support and build a community web presence. September 30, 2013 UK 2012 
Shannon Applegate Will host a CUE Rock Star Tech Camp at my school in San Diego, featuring a faculty of Google Certified Teachers July 27, 2013 NYC 2012 
Justin Medved Cohort 21 is a unique professional development opportunity open to teachers and school leaders who are seeking to build a learning network amongst CIS Ontario member schools. The Cohort 21 community will be built on a foundation of collaboration and innovation and together, will investigate and refine 21st century teaching and learning best practices through the rich experience of “learning by doing”. Cohort 21 members will be reading, writing, reflecting and publishing their thoughts on-line as well as actively participating in four face-to-face sessions throughout the school year. Educators from all CIS Ontario schools, in all divisions and grade levels, are encouraged to apply. April 27, 2014 NYC 2012 
Jason Markey The goal is to build a cohort of school/district leaders advocating for building a clear vision of what it means to embrace the web as a foundation for student learning.  October 24, 2013 NYC 2012 
Shawntel Allen GCT Action Plan Clearinghouse Currently, other than the GCT discussion forum, the work of the community is disjointed, at best. I’d like to try to “Showcase” the work of GCT’s buy getting the work of the action plans in one place. I’d like to gather as many of the action plans, current and past, into the same place and organize it so that people can browse by tool/grade/audience and can, potentially merge or build on other projects. Also, it would be a great resource for CUE, Google, and fellow GCT’s who are looking for ideas, and resources. June 1, 2013 NYC 2012 
Renee Williams Parents and children collaboratively using technology in a meaningful way can be powerful and inspiring. I will host at least one tech/math night that will feature a variety of exploratory activities using many of the Google tools available.  June 13, 2013 NYC 2012 
Jennie Magiera I will Googlize My Schools: Increase effective student, teachers & admin use of GAFE in all 25 Chicago Public Schools in my network for collaboration, creation and learning (adult & student). June 28, 2013 NYC 2012 
Megan Ellis 1. To curate content for PAUSD teachers that will A) teach them how to use GAFE and B) show them what is possible with GAFE in the classroom. 2. To coordinate tech teacher schedules for '12-'13 to offer 1/2-day, once-a-month tech PD, 3. to create a master template for student digital portfolios to be used across grade levels and content areas   NYC 2012 
Sean Beavers Our action plan is to create a site entitled "Web App Reviews" which will review educational web apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store.  NYC 2012 
Eric Curts Our action plan is to create a site entitled "Web App Reviews" which will review web apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store.  NYC 2012 
Robert Pronovost I will create a network of teachers who are available to mentor each other through Google Hangouts and other tools. June 30, 2013 NYC 2012 
Linda Lindsay 3-fold plan: (1) Continue to support GAFE at our school (2) Conduct HELP sessions for Hawaii school librarians (3) support October 3, 2013 NYC 2012 
Lisa Parisi Students in all grades will be able to contribute to this Reading and Learning Across the Globe project. Using Google Earth, children will read stories about culture and add information about their culture into the file, using video, audio, and images to teach others about a specific culture. June 30, 2015 NYC 2012 
Jeffrey Bradbury In collaboration with teachers around the world, I am creating the TeacherCast Global Collaborators Network. This site is going to be a safe, collaborative site for teachers wishing to join, discuss, and showcase projects they jointly work on during the year. Membership is open to any teacher or group wishing to create a home for thier group and group projects.  NYC 2012 
Mark Coleman Using Sites and YouTube, creating a Site providing teachers with tools, instructions and information about creating an engaging/useful web presence.  NYC 2012 
Seth Richardson I plan to host Canada’s Biggest Virtual Classroom. My goal is to attain the largest number of Canadian students and educators in a virtual classroom setting at once. These webinars will be created to introduce teachers and students to the exciting new Education Technology tools available, as well as to the 21st Century Learning ideas and practices that can be implemented within the classroom. My hope is that down the road, opportunities will evolve where classrooms across Canada can interact and collaborate with each other on various national and international projects.  June 7, 2013 NYC 2012 
Cynthia Sandler My “resolve2resolve” project creates a virtual clearinghouse, workspace and celebration hub for authentic local and global problem solving opportunities.  June 28, 2013 NYC 2012 
Charity Harbeck Introduce various Google Applications to my district and school. Focus on Google Chrome, Google Earth, and Youtube. With additional apps added as applicable. Work with students grades 2-5 on Google Earth in library and collaborate with grades 3 & 4 on research projects to include an Earth component.  NYC 2012 
Sandra Wozniak Create a blog for student "argumentative" discussions linked to SCAN tool to allow students to give their take on hot topics, practice digital citizenship and put themselves on the map. January 7, 2013 NYC 2012 
Jessica Jundef  I am using the Somebody's Hero Project format to create a website called Holocaust Survivor Stories. Students will use Google Sites to create a page to memorialize each incredible story of survival. We will also use Google Maps to show their survivors journey.  April 8, 2013 NYC 2012 
Mike McHugh  May 31, 2014 GTAMTV 2012 
Laura Bradley Student-produced digital memorials for friends/family who have died. Maybe a site/channel to publish them? My goal: help students work through grief while also choosing to live a life that honors their loved ones. October 1, 2013 MTV 2012 
Kwai Yin Loh (1) Introduce GoogleApps to improve administrative processes, in particular, Google+ & Calendar (2) A series of PD sessions for Teachers June 1, 2013 NYC 2012 
John Sebalos My action plan focuses on expanding our use of GAFE pilot across one grade level within my school district. June 21, 2013 NYC 2012 
Chris Merkert Deployment of GAFE at the East Hampton School District. Create a Staff Develop Program for district employees. Creation of student “G-Geniuses” (Team G2) to assist teachers in learning Google programs. Oversee full deployment of Chromebooks. Host an EdCamp session locally on Long Island, NY  December 31, 2013 NY 2012 
Bob Sprankle With other educators, I will demonstrate how easy and transformative Google+ Hangouts can be for conducting Educational Book Groups. June 30, 2013 NYC 2012 
Heather Dowd & Jay Atwood Creating a community of professional learning through the use of Blogger and Google+. December 31, 2013 MTV 2012 
Johnson and Smith Documenting Success in the Community December 14, 2013 GTAMTV 
   June 30, 2013  
John Kain In my district, access to YouTube is limited to teachers, who can open YouTube Education. I will create a series of online classes to show teachers how to use YouTube Education. Teachers will: Create a Google account, open YouTube Education, turn on Safety Mode, explore YouTube Education, create a channel, subscribe to another channel that they can use in the classroom, & create at least three playlists they can use in the classroom.  December 20, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Tanya Avrith My Plan is Multi Faceted: Pilot GAFE at one of my HS's. Get Domain set up. Get one of my HS's to pilot a class set of Chromebooks. Teacher training. Get students to create a youtube channel for student created teacher tutorials on using GAFE. Get grade 7 class set up on student run Blog using Blogspot. June 24, 2013 NYC 2012 
Kate Petty I will become an official Google Apps trainer and teach Google Apps for Education professional development classes at my site over the next year.  December 31, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 :) 
Alice Chen  Working with cohort Gail Desler, our project will inspire students to lead the charge to confront and challenge all forms of bullying. We invite students to step up to a “Global Microphone” and speak out on what it means to be an upstander. These student stories will be featured on our Google Site called “Together We Stand...Against Bullying.” We will promote this project through the Digital ID project, the National Writing Project, our local school districts, etc. May 31, 2012 GTAMTV 2012 
Naomi Harm "Mobile Literacy Boot Camps" are a new professional development concept built on active collaboration and co-facilitation between k-12 educators and student coaches. These action packed events will allow for networking of new instructional approaches to support and inspire K-12 mobile teaching and learning environments. August 30, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Huda Abou Hammoud My school has GAfE but the problem lies in the fact that it is not used to its fullest potential by teachers. At this point in time, I believe that students utilize GAfE more than teachers do. Students use Google sites to showcase their e-portfolio. The plan is for me to train teachers to create their own professional portfolio using Google Sites. Moreover, I am planning to utilize Google Sites and Google Moderator in our iPad implementation plan. I intend to create a site with page level permission for teachers to use along with Google moderator and Google Groups to collaborate and reflect on the implementation of this plan.  October 28, 2013 MTV 2012 
Andrea Hernandez Using YouTube, Google Sites and other tools, create a modern, crowdsourced version of the symposium for Wiesenthal's The Sunflower.  May 30, 2013 MTV2012 
Alicia Atwood A new Google Site designed to enhance our Unit 5 Curriculum on the 7 Continents and introduce teachers to the ease of using Google Earth, Google Maps and the Google World Wonders Project to compare and contrast the continents. I will also offer Google Sites trainings for teachers to build their own websites to enhance their classroom curriculum. August 15, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Scott Kley Contini Professional Development through Community I want to use Google+, Hangouts and Communities to create a database of professional knowledge within my school community. I will host monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) Hangouts with a technology theme. Many of these themes or topics will be centered on a Google Tool. The Hangout will be On Air to create a YouTube video record of the event and will be hosted on a Google Site for future reference by interested teachers or staff.  June 14, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Volodymyr Volodin My plan has two main goals. And achieving them will be good evidence of success: Building community network of at least 100 Ukrainian teachers and organizing online place for community workflow. June 8, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Volodymyr Volodin My plan has two main goals. And achieving them will be good evidence of success: Building community network of at least 100 Ukrainian teachers and organizing online place for community workflow. June 8, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Lori Ferrington Create a one stop shop of Google slams for educators by educators and for students by students in 120 seconds or less. December 5, 2013 MTV 2012 
Danielle Filas Launch a one stop shop filled with ed tech slam vids for educators, administrators, parents, and students- with content by educators, administrators, students and parents. December 5, 2013 MTV 2012 
Monte Gaukler Create and maintain a one-stop site for teachers, administrators and students to get really quick technology help. Our goal is to create ed tech slam videos that get the point across in 120 seconds or less. Most people have two minutes to spare for training and we hope to capitalize on their time and our tech background. December 5, 2013 Lori Ferrington, Danielle Filas, Ashley Cross, and Jennie Magiera 
Tracy Poelzer The 23 Things - Google Style! Teachers will complete 23 challenges that help them learn more about how to use Google apps and tools in a fun, self-paced, reflective, engaging manner! June 30, 2013 MTV 2012 
Greg Lawrence Our cohort will create a website that will be dedicated to teach search and search strategies. Through video, interactive quizzes and other resources strategies the site will focus on each instructional level (elementary, middle/junior high, and high school). The website will be a toolbox for students (and teachers) on how to effectively search and obtain more accurate results. July 31, 2013 MTV 2012 
Tracey Winey Our cohort will create a website that will be dedicated to teach search and search strategies. Through video, interactive quizzes and other resources strategies the site will focus on each instructional level (elementary, middle/junior high, and high school). The website will be a toolbox for students (and teachers) on how to effectively search and obtain more accurate results. July 31, 2013 MTV 2012 
Genevieve Gallagher Our cohort will create a website that will be dedicated to teach search and search strategies. Through video, interactive quizzes and other resources strategies the site will focus on each instructional level (elementary, middle/junior high, and high school). The website will be a toolbox for students (and teachers) on how to effectively search and obtain more accurate results. July 31, 2013 MTV 2013 
Gail Desler With cohort Alice Chen, our project will inspire students to lead the charge to confront and challenge all forms of bullying. We invite students to step up to a “Global Microphone” and speak out on what it means to be an upstander. These student stories will be featured on our Google Site called “Together We Stand...Against Bullying.” We will promote this project through the Digital ID project, the National Writing Project, our local school districts, etc. May 31, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Liz Castillo Utilize the Communities in Google Plus to create a Hawaii GAFE Community to build a professional learning network of support for teachers and administrators across Hawaii's public and private schools. The community will serve as a venue to share ideas, ask questions, organize school visits, and host PD hangouts that will increase the use of GAFE. June 28, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Eric Langhorst My project is the creation of an online course teaching the history of our community - Liberty, Missouri. The course can be taken anytime independently but an active class with take place during the month of October 2013. The primary intended audience is parents of my 8th grade American History students. My vision is parents and students taking an online course together. October 31, 2013 GTA MTV 2012 
Krista Moroder Build a [free] technology integration MOOC tied to the NETS for Teachers, using mostly Google Apps for Education tools. The framework for the course will be tied to a vision of supporting personalized learning, and the final product will be the collaborative work of many GCT's. Personal goals are to achieve the ISTE Seal of Alignment and to support strategic adoption of technology on a systematic level in my district.  August 1, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Joquetta Johnson iCame! iSaw! iGoogled! Googlizing Your Learning Environments June 1, 2013 NYC 2012 
Carrie Anne Philbin Creating The Geek Gurl Diaries, a YouTube channel with videos designed to inspire teenage girls into Computer Science and Technology. April 8, 2013 UK 2012 
Adrian Francis The Kalahari Bus Situation: I coordinate a service learning project in the Kalahari. We work at Moshaweg High School in the Moshaweng Valley. We have assisted in providing food at lunchtimes to the students. However, there is no transport for the students. Some students walk up to 14km one way to school. I want to map the journey students take to school so that we can present data to the authorities to leverage a bus service in the Valley. The initial plan would be to collect the data and overlay it on Google Maps and then collate data on Google forms. This can then be used to present real data to authorities. September 18, 2013 SYD 13 
Richard Poth To develop a Learner led Google Training help desk to support the roll out of Malaysian public schools with Google Apps. July 31, 2015 Sydney 2013 
Samantha Vardanega Moving to Google Apps is exciting, but it can also be a daunting experience for those who are new to Google tools. Optimising the Gmail and Calendar interfaces and really understanding their great features makes all the difference in helping new users have a positive start to Google Apps. My action plan will deliver a series of learning materials designed to help Google Apps users really make the most of Gmail and Calendar. I will use my experience in migrating and supporting Google Apps users, to focus on the key things I know make a difference to their interactions with the suite of tools. I will endeavour to cater for multiple learning styles by providing both video and written tutorials and information.   SYD 2013 
Diana Irene Saldana The idea is to create a toolbox with resources, provided by teachers, in which technology supports the GANAG lesson schema and the 9 instructional strategies. UPDATE Mar 5 - Invitations to participate and links were shared with different social networks and educational communities. REFLECTION June 3 - Retweeted the plan to the world about a month ago, still no responses in. December 14, 2013 GTA MTV 2012 
Brian Hamm The “Tech Crewsaders” are Seoul Foreign High School’s student technology support and innovation team. This Action Plan will package the setup, development, management, and overall processes involved with creating and maintaining your own “Tech Crewsader Program” while collaborating with the network. Schools can use and modify what they like in the package and plug into the Tech Crewsaders various collaborative projects and publications.  June 13, 2014 GTA SYD 2013 Callister 
Narender Gilhotra I plan to educate, train, and empower the teachers in my area to use Google apps for education in their classroom for the purposes of teaching, learning, inspiring and engaging students. I am going to do a seminar. I predict that if I reach this goal I will be able to document and show statistics on how the use of Google Apps has impacted student learning and engagement at my school. A website will be created for further sharing of resources. I have planned to present in the GAFE summits in India. June 17, 2014 SYD 2013 
Betty Ann Fish My plan is to increase the use of Google tools within my school community and the physical education community through a series of workshops, lunches and drop-ins. June 7, 2013 NYC 2012 
Adam Vardanega My action plan will have three components. It will focus on: 1. The roll out of GAFE at my school. 2. Identifying and training student ambassadors to assist in driving the change. 3. Build an online PLN to assist staff and students with using Google tools in the classroom. June 27, 2014 SYD 2013 
Sylvia Duckworth I would like to find a class of French (first language) students in Quebec or France that my students (learning French) can communicate with using Google+ Hangouts, and blogging. Will set up collaborate projects with Google docs and will explore eachothers' communities using Google maps. Might lead to an exchange: visiting eachother! December 14, 2013 MTV 2012 
Abi Woldhuis The aim: is to have the entire school switch to using Google Chrome as their default browser. To assist this process I will run professional development courses for the staff but the aim is also to set up a Tech Ninja group(group of students) to support the resources. The reasoning behind switching to Chrome is to encourage staff and students into the world of apps and extensions offered with Chrome and encourage the use of Google Drive. I’ll run several staff Professional Learning opportunities each term to teach them how to use these tools and assist staff in simplifying marking, feedback, collaborative practice. The aim is to build a collective resource bank of apps and ideas to help continue a positive culture in relation to shifting pedagogy. The Tech Ninja group is designed build a Google Site with resources and screen casts of how to use different tools and resources  December 15, 2013 GTASYD13 
Ben Hommerding Creating Classes and Schools that Matter. Starting with one class I will be building classes the solve real problems within our students lives! July 25, 2014 Chicago 2013 
Matthew Switzer I want my students to compile a "hub" for Leader in Me stories impacting culture and climate in our buildings. We'll use Blogger to document and reflect on the process of housing, editing, and publishing those stories. May 23, 2014 GTACHI 2013 
Nick Cusumano World Theatre Video Project- Have Theatre students from all over world submit video performances using Google Sites, YouTube,and Google Drive. Use footage to create "Mash up" videos of all the performances July 31, 2014 Sydney 2013 
Nathan (Nate) Gildart As I am changing schools with one role being Instructional Technology Coach, I developed a year-long plan for faculty. IMany elements will be put into practice in the year. It's somewhat ambitious, but a new 'Google' school with a lot to accomplish.. June 1, 2014 SDY 2013 
Sean J. O'Neil A website ( that will collect, promote & showcase K-12 student-built mobile apps. Students can see examples & have a community to share & communicate with.  CHI 2013 
Richard Lambert Principal Communication and Collaboration Project: I am creating a Google+ community for the Principals of schools in our region to communicate and collaborate through. This will not only improve their effectiveness, but educate them around 21st century tools and what is possible through GAFE. This will hopefully create a significant flow on effect to their schools. I will follow up the demand for more information about GAFE with PD sessions for our local schools. November 29, 2013 SYD 13 
Zoe P. Midler Parents are instrumental to ensuring student success with GAFE. I am leading an internal team of GApps Specialist, 3 classroom teachers that have achieved Google IQ status, to conduct a yearlong series of GAFE workshops for parents that will take them from GAFE novices to GAFE ninjas. The ultimate goal is to introduce our parent population to the power of the Google Applications suite as a collaboration and productivity platform that they can integrate into their personal and professional lives.  April 30, 2014 GTACHI 2013 
Lise Galuga and Pierre Sarazin Our goal is to create a series of online digital literacy learning modules that will reside on Ontario's learning management system (LMS) Desire2Learn (D2L). These modules, once successfully completed, will allow students in grades 7 to 10 to obtain a certificate of digital citizenship (C2N) issued by the Ministry of Education of Ontario. This digital citizenship certificate will have two components: a printable certificate as well as a digital badge similar to OpenBadges from the Mozilla Foundation. August 1, 2014 GTACHI 2013 
Lauren Teather My project will be to implement “Genius Time” for the 2013 -2014 school year with the entire 6th grade. Students will brainstorm ideas, write a proposal, be distributed to an advisor, research and create their project, document their progress, then share and reflect on their learning. I hope to have my students share their learning via google hangouts with other classrooms and students around the world. I also have plans to work with other grade levels at my school helping them get started with their own version of "Genius Time". June 6, 2014 GTACHI 13 
Bradley Lands Students are empowered to use Google Blogger to write blog posts which demonstrate mastery of their learning and understanding of curricular content. Then they "tag" their posts with specific "labels" of their Standards of Learning. Teachers, and others can then quickly access these blog posts by searching the "labels" of their students' blog posts that are specifically tied to specific Standards of Learning.  August 31, 2014 GTACHI 2013 
Anna Lisa Searcy I am developing a plan of informal PD opportunities in my school. My plan will embrace informality and teacher choice. I will 1) lead an "unconferenced" version of technology-based PD, 2) create PD in the Privy, a series of "potty training" tutorials, and 3) host TechTinkering Socials at local bars. In tandem with Nick Giacobbe, I will also 4) develop a game-based tutorial website of edtech apps for larger audiences. My goal is to encourage teachers who are NOT the early adopters. I want to promote healthy debate about technology and pedagogy, address many levels of tech skills, and support fellow teachers as our school rolls out our 1:1 Chromebook initiative this year.  August 30, 2014 CHI 2013 
Ben Rouse In order to better transfer the true potential of primary/elementary students to secondary/high school I intend to introduce student portfolios hosted on Google sites in order for each student to collate a collections of resources to track their learning and developments.  December 5, 2014 UK 2013 
Beverley Gill Produce new Google Sites for Teachers and for Students to disseminate great technology ideas for enhancing teaching and learning April 5, 2014 UK 2013 
Brad Ovenell-Carter using many small documents snapped together like Lego blocks, while avoiding duplication and streamlining the process of maintaining updates: instead of having to repeat privacy policy statements in both parent and faculty handbook, for example, we just link both handbooks to a single privacy policy document. June 30, 2014 GTASWE  
Caroline Haebig I'm working collaboratively with other GCT to contribute to the EdTech Challenge. Specifically, I am creating professional learning resources that provide educators with the resources to integrate Google Apps, specifically Sites into Inquiry Based Learning experiences. I will be using a blended and online format to house these supports. November 1, 2013 Chicago 2013 
Analia Kandel I intend to keep building on the work I have done so far training colleagues in (1) my Teachers’ Association (APIBA), (2) my school, (3) the BA Ministry of Education on how to use some Google tools I use (see details in my Action Plan). January 31, 2013 UK 2012 
Kerry Western 1. On a local level improve digital literacy in school and train staff, parents & students to use sites, G+, Drive and Calendar. Longer term switch school to GAFE and get Chromebooks for KS4. Create student 'techsperts' and get GC Trainer in to speak to SLT. Also go into teacher training unis to host student teacher sessions on GAFE. 2. Beyond school, create a new virtual performance space driven by Hangout Live where interactive performing arts are braodcast and accessible for all. (Cultural Institute to cover performing arts?) December 25, 2015 UK 2013 
William Lau To promote computing amongst low-income students by finding role models who have achieved social mobility through Computing. I hope to encourage companies to offer scholarships for University/Computing courses and internships in Computing.  UK 2013 
Marek Beck Connecticut’s First Annual Google Summit and Post-Conference Certification Boot Camp: The purpose is to increase the amount of trained Google users in education across the northeast region of the United States  June 24, 2014 GTACHI13 
Roger Nixon Develop my admin guides for Google Apps for Education - post on Take using G+ to the next level in my own school and present to other schools how it can be used. December 31, 2014 UK 2013 
Patrick Dempsey In using concepts from design learning and makerspace I will make an 8th grade science classroom and summer school class where students collaboratively design, prototype, and make solutions to real problems centered around waste, food, water, and energy. Students will then put their solutions into action to decrease the gap between their learning and having an effect on their world. The process will be document using YouTube, Google+, and blogger. July 11, 2014 GTACHI13 
Joy Paton This year I have been seconded to be a Facilitator in digital teaching and learning for this year. I will be a Facilitator to a new cluster and will be assisting schools in setting up 1:1 digital learning environments. I will also help my current cluster of schools in promoting digital learning school wide. I will be working with teachers, students and principals in making this a reality. It will be an exciting year ahead with lots of new learning opportunities.  December 19, 2014 GTACHI13 
Mandy Hollingshead I will create a series of maps that show the lives of different composers. Many of them moved around due to the nature of their work, and this can help put pieces of music into a better context for the students. December 31, 2014 UK 2013 
Oli Trussell Student - Student Tutoring Network. I would like to create a Google site with groups and calendars embedded to enable students to support each other in innovative ways with problems. December 19, 2014 UK 2013 
Katherine Kauffman To promote Google resources locally to educators, students and community members May 30, 2014 UK 2013 
Piers Casimir-Mrowczynski  ‘A Google Miscellania’; a Google Lit Trip, some pupil blogging, a lesson using Forms, plus a survey too, and finally a little public speaking. March 31, 2014 GTA UK 13 
Melissa Murphy Over the next year, implement student ePortfolios. Initially train and work with Language Arts teachers, grades 5-8. Expand to grade 4 and other subject areas during the 2014-2015 school year. December 31, 2014 UK 2013 
Cindy Wilson-Hyde I am creating a Google sites template to be used for students in the Middle Years Programme of the IB to capture and document their MYP learning experiences. June 2, 2014 CHI 2013 
Rachel Jones  Title: Embedding Google Apps for Education into best practice for the Educational Community. I have gathered ‘Top Ten Hints@ from edu-professionals across curriculum and age range via a Google Form, and will be publishing this with Crown House Publishing in the next few months. I have been careful to include innovative uses of technology in education, as well as a specific section of Cloud-Technology and the use of Google Apps. This book will be published as an iBook, and then sold with the monies collected being donated to the charity Help for Children. March 31, 2014 GTAUK13  
Ben Waldram ‘We’re children, we’re not stupid!’ ...'For years, I have taught my children why we learn fractions and percentages, ‘because if you go into a shop and it’s 50% off…’ Thanks to Boots and many other shops, this is no longer important - they’ll tell you the answers...' July 8, 2014  
Dan Leighton Most educational technology problems can be solved much more easily through application of good leadership than through application of technology. Yet, there are relatively few highly digitally literate educational leaders. Therefore, if we want educational technology to truly be of benefit to young people, we must first skill up our educational leaders, build their confidence and train them to make informed choices about risk and reward. I propose that we create the Google Educational Leaders Academy. January 30, 2015 UK 2013 
Kelli Buxton Google School: Students Teaching Teachers - Finding time for on-going and individualized professional development can be problematic in our school due to over-scheduled timetables and such a wide range of abilities. By implementing Google School, we can include talented high school students in the delivery of personalized training sessions for teachers. Various students can volunteer who can be Digital Leaders/Student Techxperts to pilot this form of professional development for teachers. Select high school students will become teachers or mentors to faculty members and support these teachers through the process of better understanding G+ and potentially other Google Apps for Education. This concept fills a need for teacher training while at the same time providing students with real-life experience and transferable skills.  May 31, 2014 GTAUK13 
Afzal Shaikh I would like to have the Grade 5 students incorporate videos, blogs, images, brainstorming ideas into a class wide site that housed all of their final pieces for the PYP Exhibition. June 30, 2015 UK 2013 
Dean Stokes If everybody's motivated, they're likely to do a good job! Introducing The Motivation Circle (with the aid of GAfE)! January 1, 2015 London, 2013 
Michelle Jones The premise of my Google Action Plan will be to develop a framework of ESL and EAL-specific learning “pods” which culminate, respectively, in the creation of a podcast walking tour in a specific part of London. This podcast walking tour will enable the students to directly apply ESL and EAL content learned in that pod, as well as explore their new city. (These could even become subject-specific such as a walking tour that looks at the architecture of a city [Visual Arts] or the natural environment [Sciences] ) January 15, 2015 GTAUK 2013 
Morten Bagger Educational material January 15, 2014 London 4-5 dec. 2013 
Mette Hardis Jakobsen To promote GAfE at Maarslet School and local schools in the municipality. I will make a presentation at the Executive board of the municipality to change their approach to learning and technology. Together with Morten Bagger I will arrange an unconference addressing the need of knowledgesharing about "the ideal learning process with technology" as a basis of purchase hardware. January 15, 2014 UK London 2013 
Janel McCormick Hit the bullseye by integrating these powerful Google resources in your classroom while maintaining the rigors of national standards. These examples of engaging and meaningful tools will bring a classroom into the 21st century. Participants will leave with project-based ideas, specific applications, and resources to enhance their curriculum. These bite size ideas will be shared at team, faculty, and department meetings. Share your cool ideas and get some new ones! December 19, 2014 UK2013 
Thomas Skovgaard We currently have a ‘GAfE and chromebooks’ in schools user group, focusing on best practice in learning with GAfE tools and best administrative / domain practices. I have helped establish this group and will actively work to make GAfE easy to use in Denmark, and to further its penetration in Danish Municipalities, as well as widening the collaborative element from teacher-student to local, regional, national and international levels. March 31, 2015 UK 2013 
JESSE GYAU KUSI My Action Plan seeks to equip teacher trainees with skills that would enable them to prepare, create, recreate, share, teach and develop their lessons using Google Tools during their tenure in school, especially during their teaching practice semesters. I would want to help teacher trainees realise the fact that every topic in every lesson could have more nourishment when a Google tool is included in the lesson planning and delivery. With the needed help and assistance I would want to create Google Fun & Action Clubs in these Colleges of Educations. These clubs would be under my coordination with the help of some volunteers. The basic aim of these Google Fun&Action Clubs would be to provide teacher trainees with needful and ad hoc skills in using Google tools in planning and delivering their lessons during their tenure in and after school. Leadership and other professional development content would be considered and treated with members of these clubs. These trainees would also receive training to help them start Junior Google Fun&Action Clubs in the various Junior and Senior High schools they would serve. I intend to work with various resource persons from Google or other sectors to organize intensive workshops for some of the teacher trainees to enable them coordinate these Google Fun&Action Clubs more effectively. November 28, 2014 GTA UK 13 
James Corbett  I hope to use short 'Google Ed' tips to enlighten the FE community about the various uses of Google to enhance develop teaching and learning with the sector. I hope that the FE sector can be exposed to endless educational possibilities of Google.  December 10, 2014 UK 2013 
Christoffer Hansson Googlenauts is a continuous learning PD project at JENSEN, which aims at developing PD material and having Googlenauts test and share the content. June 30, 2014 SWE - Dec 2013 
Tiaan Lotter Creating an open source resource centre for learners and teacher of the South African curriculum. I am to provide everything a child and teacher needs to teach a subject on one site, no textbook required. December 31, 2014 UK13 
Marcus Verboy-Ekstrand The main idea is to merge two courses (philosophy and religious studies) into one coherent project with the aim of producing digital content for a real audience. We will create a website and use this to publish content relevant to the merged courses. We will be experimenting with different digital tools for producing this content, among others the Youtube video editor. My project is meant to: - allow students to become producers of digital content aimed for a real audience. - allow students to experiment with different digital tools for producing meaningful content. - let students present their knowledge in many different ways, not only in writing.  June 10, 2014 GTAswe Stockholm 
Andrew Harnett the Google Scientific Institute: As google evolves and becomes an important part of education, it is important that it also links to science education. It's time to give students access to an interactive science world through their google accounts. To make any area of science available from anywhere at their fingertips. January 1, 2015 UK 2012 
Angie Kalthoff  I created a learning course in company with Sophia Learning for teachers looking to get started using Chrome in their classrooms.  October 31, 2013 GTAMTV 2012 
Anders Wockatz We live in a GAFE-environment and my main task at any level is to emower curiousity and show the many differnent ways to use our tools inside the GAFE-domain. June 19, 2015 GTASWE (2013) 
Alexandria Pepin A middle school course for students centered on student's impact to the world and how students can use technology to inspire change. May 31, 2013 UK 2012 
Jon Kramer I have already begun using a Google + Community to create a shared collaborative learning space for my digital design students in the course Digital Creations. One of the most difficult tasks for students is to document their project process. My goal is for them to naturally share their own development and give each other formative feedback throughout the course. By sharing various stages of their project process, they will fulfill grading criteria for the course, collaborate with others and share knowledge and resources for creating digital products February 21, 2014 SWE 2013 
Christy Fennewald Put educators and students behind the driver's seat in ed tech development by connecting educators and entrepreneurs. August 29, 2014 Chicago 2013 
Stephanie Cerda Put educators and students behind the driver's seat in ed tech development by connecting educators and entrepreneurs. August 30, 2014 Chicago 2013 
Kevin Sherman High school students based in a “working class” (i.e. economically disadvantaged suburb) will use Google product to tell the “story” of their community and themselves.   GTAUK 2013 
Brendan Breen Two part Goal: Create Electrontic Portfolios in middle school ELA & HS English with Google Sites & provide Professional Develop and support for teachers implementing Google Apps in the Classroom.  June 26, 2014 NYC 2012 
Rae Fearing My goal is to inspire students around the world to share what makes their school unique and special using Google Doodles for Schools. Students can create a Google Doodle for their School (Google Schoodle) that demonstrates a unique attribute of their school. Along with the Google Schoodle, students will submit a 50 word narrative (on a Google Doc) or 1 minute video (posted to YouTube) explaining their creation and the special qualities of their school. June 30, 2014 GTACHI13 
Ann Witherspoon A new world is evolving; we are preparing students for jobs that possibly don’t exist yet. It is time to revolutionize student work with GAFE that allow students to Connect to their world for information on demand, to Collaborate with others for a broader perspective, to Conceptualize information in new ways, and to Create in order to take students from consumers to producers. In an effort to assist my school district in our GAFE launch, I will develop PD for teachers to introduce them to these tools. In conjunction with introducing the tools, we will explore specific strategies in these 4 key areas while utilizing GAFE, the tools of our students’ time, to develop the 21st century skills needed for the technological world in which they live.  May 4, 2013 UK 2012 
Melissa Hero Creating a District Wide Technology/CCSS PD Conference for Our Inservice Day  August 14, 2014 SWE 2013 
Mary Linehan My action plan involves ‘Teaching The Teachers'. The idea began as frustration of not being able to attend courses/events available in the capital City. I decided to set up a network of teachers in my area. The idea behind the group is that as teachers we all bring certain skills with us, so when we meet we basically ‘swop’ skills and teach eachother. August 15, 2014 UK GTA2013 
Mary Linehan My action plan involves ‘spreading the word’. The idea began as frustration of not being able to attend courses/events available in the capital City. I decided to set up a network of teachers in my area. The idea behind the group is that as teachers we all bring certain skills with us, so when we meet we basically ‘swop’ skills and teach eachother. December 31, 2014 UK2013 
Philip Arneill The intended goal was to streamline a current cross-curricular WWII unit of learning which incorporates history, geography, RE and literacy into one online space, using Google Sites. May 29, 2014 GTA SWE 13 
Jason Prohaska Students will create an interactive representation of a migrant's journey using Google Tour Builder. The end product will be used to assess the student’s enduring understandings that 1) the tool with which you present information with can help to engage and motivate your audience and 2) Technology helps us to retell stories and historical events.  GTA SWE 2013 
Jason Prohaska RETRACING THE STEPS OF A HUMAN MIGRATION In this assignment, students will create an interactive representation of a migrant's journey using Google Tour Builder. June 12, 2014 SWE 2013 
Jennifer Armstrong Pilot Google Apps for Education in College of Education.  #GTAATL 2014 
Bob Deneau I am creating a crowdsourced, self paced PD system using classroom, sites, G+, YouTube, Docs, Slides  ATL 2014 
Andy Plemmons I'm developing a Google+ community with Joyce Valenza, another GCT, to foster global collaboration and global thinking between teacher librarians around the world. May 22, 2015 GTAATL 2014 
Linda Humes Increasing media center participation through some flipped classroom activities and incorporating interactive technology library programming. June 5, 2015 ATL 2014 
Bruno Reddy In short, I want to train my colleagues and teachers in a broader network how to use some Google products I’m using; and I want to use some Google products to flip learning in my classroom. August 3, 2012 UK 2012 
Tatyana Dvorkin Google Master Training: a series of hands-on, project-based learning workshops for admins and teachers at Avenues: The World School. These will be planned using information gathered from the future attendees about what specific tasks they want to learn to do using Google Tools.  May 31, 2015 UK 2013 
Adam Seipel A tiered approach to integrating student voice at the school, district and "moonshot" levels with the intent that students will become networked decision-makers.  ATL 2014 
Chris Aviles I plan to increase the engagement and motivation of my students using Gamification, Quest Chains, and a classroom Alternate Reality Game.   ATL 2014 
Wendy Morales Implement 20% time in my classroom, allowing students to work on projects that will improve their communities and allow them to create, connect and collaborate locally and globally. March 31, 2015 ATL 2014 
Derek Kaufman Analyzing data from Forms is done in a summary view, but what about a month by month breakdown? Using the PushData script and some clever formulas, some of our schools are using a combination of Forms, Sites, and Scripts to analyze walkthrough/observation data on a monthly basis. June 13, 2014 SWE 2013 
Gary Johnston I plan to run three workshops within the following year addressing how google apps can reinvent education. I’m currently planning to present at the Vietnam Tech Conference in February, an afternoon workshop at our school this spring, and an entire weekend workshop next fall.  October 31, 2014 GTA Sweden 
Sarah Thomas With over seven billion people on Earth, we are each but a dot...but what a beautiful picture we can make when we start to connect! My goal is to grow the DC Metro Area GEG, and continue the open sharing of best practices for all students. July 25, 2015 Atlanta 2014 
Laurie Clement My goal is to SUPPORT STUDENT VOICE IN A PASSION DRIVEN CLASSROOM. I will be achieving this through the creation of student ePortolios, implementing Project Based Learning and 20Time.  June 30, 2015 ATL 2014 
Corey Holmer Here is my solution for PD that offers support to staff, while simultaneously redefining the “typical” PD workshop model. Here is my plan: the typical professional development workshop model. Here is my Action Plan:  March 3, 2015 GTAATL 2014 
Cameron McKinley Using a train the trainer module I will train approximately 25 Engaged Learning Facilitators (ELFs) to train teachers to use Google Apps for Education and other Google Tools to encourage collaboration and new ways of learning across the curriculum.   ATL 2014 
Renee Nolan Create and promote a G+ community for our district to use as a collaborative PLN while tapping into all the G+ features and tools.  May 29, 2015 ATL 2014 
Joanie Le Students spend every Friday developing and implementing their own "Action Plan" to positively impact their community. It culminates with a #20Time Symposium in June. June 12, 2014 GTACHI 2013 
Jennifer Schlie-Reed Students frequently do not realize that they have the skills to teach peers about technology that they have learned. I am working on creating a plan in which students become the Technology Expert with specific technology tools that they have learned. To become a Technology Expert with a specific tool, students will need to demonstrate mastery through creating a final product using the tool and then explaining how the tool actually was used in the creation of the product. June 1, 2015 ATL 2014 
Dale Van Keuren Create a support website to help teachers increase their use of Google Tools in the Danielson Framework for evaluation. Coach, educate, and support teachers in this growth model. May 29, 2015 ATL 2014 
Lisa DeLapo CGSA: Club Google Student Academy - Student-led professional development teams. A curriculum for clubs to start in the middle and high school grade levels, presenting to teachers on GAFE.  August 31, 2015 GTAMTV14 
Jo Badge Search, YouTube, tips and training with PGCE students. Research and roll out of Google Apps at Primary school. Engage staff with calendar and email initially. July 18, 2013 UK 2012 
Natalie O'Neil  I’ll provide practical GAfE PD for teachers and offer methods to leverage edtech tools to collaborate and share throughout our district. June 30, 2015 GTA MTV 2014 
Diana Neebe During our most challenging unit, my students will collaborate to create their own short videos/podcasts that will walk other high schoolers through tough moments in the text. December 19, 2014 Mountain View 2014 
Amy Cox Create differentiated, self-paced, badge-based, technology PDs in order to increase effective technology use in the classroom. June 5, 2015 MTV 2014 
Nicholas Provenzano Dominique Dynes Jeffrey Humphries PD Without Borders Professional Development is currently practiced as a one size fits all for buildings and districts. There needs to be a better way that will allow educators to personalize their professional development and work at their own pace.  July 10, 2015 MTV14 
Mary Berelson Teachers are not actually reluctant to learn or uninterested in using technolgy, they are often just overwhelmed. On a weekIy basis, I plan to share tools and habits with my first grade PLC in order to increase our proficiency of technological tools ideal for leveraging learning and fun for our students and their families. June 30, 2015 GTA MTV '14 
Kevin Fairchild Badges for Teachers' Professional Learning June 17, 2016 MTV 2014 
Melinda Larson-Horne Alignment of the Danielson Framework for Teaching with the ISTE NETS-T, along with tech tools and sample artifacts to improve Educator Effectiveness August 28, 2015 GTA MTV 2014 
Olivia Scott Creating student-advocates for disability through use of Goalbook app and YouTube to present student-led PD to staff August 28, 2015 GTAMTV14 
Sam Patterson Awesome GCT's working together to bring more teachers into the coding and developer world to make coding in education more meaningful August 24, 2015 GTAMTV14 
Darren Massa Improving and streamlining school communication with Google tools. June 30, 2015 MTV 2014 
Michelle T. Triemstra Plan/Host a Technology conference for my district and county to increase collaboration that will help teachers and administrators increase their PLN. June 30, 2015 GTAMTV14 
Jane Lofton My action plan is to promote and support student blogging. Teachers can have their student blog as part of their class curriculum. Students can also choose to blog as an independent activity to share an interest they are passionate about. June 19, 2015 GTAMTV14 
Simon Miller Leveraging Google Tools & PLN to connect educators across the state/region both virtually & F2F July 30, 2015 MTV2014 
David Saunders We strive to get students and teachers more involved with coding in the classroom. A grassroots movement to get teachers and students excited to learn a new language and understand the benefits. Linking coding to adopted curriculum and the common core gives more leverage to get teachers on board. Hour of Code is a great introduction, but this community will keep it going. We are the 2nd hour and beyond!   MTV 2014 
Tina Lauer Technology Leadership Academy - I will be conducting a Technology Leadership Academy with teachers from the various buildings in our district. I will be introducing teachers to multiple Google Tools throughout the academy. The teachers will gain experience using the tools through our academy sessions. I plan on having the participants first experience the tools as “students” and then develop activities using the tools that relate to their curriculum.  May 31, 2015 GTAMTV 2014 
Susan Herder Impact of Technology on High Quality Instruction: How does instruction change when every student has access to a Chromebook June 12, 2015 GTAMTV14 
Marc Seigel and Dan Bennett Develop a formal training program for students who will serve as a student tech team, providing 1 on 1 professional development for educators. July 31, 2015 GTAMTV 2014 
JR Ginex-Orinion Google Genius Program for training teachers and students at our district in Google Applications for Education June 28, 2013 NYC 2012 
Sandra Chow, Michelle Green, Caren MacConnell, and Shelly Stanton Student Tech Squad: Collaboratively we hope to build a collaborative community of student leaders who will be able to solve technology issues within their school communities, mentor others, and develop resources. We also hope to build a bank of resources for Educators interested in creating their own Student Tech Squads August 1, 2015 MTV 2014 
Julie Kelley Try Tech Tuesday- A bi-weekly technology challenge geared toward teachers who are reluctant to try various technologies. Challenges will be posted on the first and third Tuesday, examples of the challenge results will be posted on the second and fourth Tuesday, creating a wealth of examples for teachers. September 1, 2015 MTV 2014 
Matt Hurst Use a challenge tree (like a pyramid scheme) to get colleagues to teach one another how to use GAFE. June 30, 2015 GTAMTV 2014 
Tara Linney, Josh Gauthier, Chris Long, David Saunders, Sam Patterson, Brian Briggs Our mission is to get more students and teachers to take on the iteration mindset that comes with learning how to code. In order to do this, we start by reaching out to the teachers, first. August 1, 2017 MTV 2014 
Scott Monahan A plan to improve the digital literacy of teacher across our school board, and reduce the number of "One and done" professional learning sessions. June 30, 2015 Atlanta, 2014 
David W. Deeds New school, getting started! Already rolling out Classroom!  GTAATL14 
Jessica Brogley Goals: 1.) Integrate Google Products into the courses I teach in the School of Ed. 2.) Because a leader in SW WI in Educational Technology May 16, 2015 ATL 2014 
Meghan Haselbauer Teachers 2 Teachers: a bi-monthly live GoogleHangout where teachers talk about what they are currently doing in the classroom May 29, 2015 MTV 2014 
Richard Kick  Implement Apps for Education at Newbury Park High School. Transform the all school scholarship application and recommendation process into a paperless process using Google Docs. Expand the use of Google docs for classroom and school wide communications. June 13, 2014 UK 2012 
Amy Jessica McMillan My seventh grade class is going digital. This means we will add a digital component to every major writing task (and several small ones along the way). Students will use the following tools regularly: Google Drive (Docs and Slides), Twitter (class account only), EDU 2.0 (our LMS), and Kidblog. At the end of the year they will compile digital writing portfolios—using Google Slides as Hyperdocs. Meanwhile, I will share our progress through my professional blog (, my classroom blog (, my work with UC Santa Barbara's South Coast Writing Project, and possibly conference presentations such as CUE. June 5, 2015 MTV 2014 
Jimmy Juliano I wish to encourage students to Get Googley - I will create and help build a network of Google Qualified students to serve as technology and innovation leaders in the school.  MTV 2014 
Allison Mollica We have a unique challenge at a Virtual School with ongoing enrollments and mostly p/t adjunct staff and students. With new student accounts coming, we need to streamline workflow.   MTV14 
Julie Shah Teachers need the opportunity to take ownership of their own professional development. EdCamps provide free professional development and networking opportunities for teachers.  ATL 2014 
Karen Lirenman My action plan is to show and share what is possible with early years students and how google products such as hangouts, forms, docs, tablet apps etc can be used with even our youngest learners to help them connect and learn with the world. July 31, 2015 MTV 2014 
Catina Haugen and Amy Fadeji A plan to bring site admin together to learn from one another. The visiting admin can "Ask Me Anything" and thereby glean new insight or ideas to bring back. Both admin blog to further reflect as the visitor and visitee. Both a learning opportunity and relationship builder.  MTV 2014 
Joe Marquez In able to tear down our classroom walls we need to empower our teachers to share and Co-Teach lessons using Google On-Air Hangouts. This will help all students be able to review material and attend class even when absent. Teachers will be able to co-teach with teachers down the hall, across the city, across the state, across the country, and across the world. No longer will we just be able to reach students within our walls, we can reach all students across the world.  January 5, 2015 GTA ATX 2014 
Ciane Grossman I will support the redesign of technology application courses by providing monthly training opportunities to middle school technology applications teachers so they are better prepared to incorporate Google Apps, introduce programming in their classroom, and build capacity on their campuses. January 4, 2016 GTA ATX 2014 
Ann Brucker I want to counteract negative press about public schools in Billings by infiltrating social and print media with positive images, stories, news, and events. I will inundate our community with products created and distributed via the Google tools. June 3, 2016 ATX 2014 
James Petersen The goal is to create a digital space where teachers can post anonymously about their "teaching fails," read insight and reflections from other educators, and post their own reflections. The purpose of this space is to remove the stigma that is associated with making mistakes publicly when learning and trying new things. June 7, 2015 ATX 2014 
Catlin Tucker Combine mapping and storytelling using Google Maps and Google Docs to: 1) create multimedia autobiographies, and 2) create a shared “Magic Moments Map” documenting important events and favorite places in our community (school/town). Larger goal: Students will create a Google Site - “College Campuses Explored: Going Behind the Scenes with Students.” This website will combine information about each college campus with images and stories gathered from college visits, interviews with family members and/or friends, and online research/phone interviews. This site will connect high school students to college information to create a college culture on our campus to combat low college attendance rates and low junior college transfer statistics.  June 3, 2013 UK 2012 
Kyle Pearce Helping Teachers (re-)Ignite Their Passion In my district, I fill two roles; teacher and instructional coach. When working with intermediate level math teachers, I quickly realize that teachers are overwhelmed with too many things to do and never enough time to do them all. With time always at a premium, administrative tasks like marking and reports often take precedence over improving generic lesson plans and researching effective teaching practices. June 30, 2015 ATX 2014 
Christopher Muller Blogging for Multi-Disciplinary Connections: Using research and Google Correlate, students will blog about connections they have reflected upon from at least two subjects/content areas that month.  GTA ATX 2014 
Kim Harrison As a district new to the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment, there is a tremendous need to provide training to teachers prior to and during the implementation process. Being a department of one person, it is essential to design a resource that can impact the greatest number of teachers in the most efficient way. As a result, I will create an online graphical interface that will serve as the “Adventure Map” for each of the Google Tools that teachers will be exploring and learning over the course of the next year. This “Choose Your Own Adventure Map” will include articles, resources, classroom strategies, tutorials, and videos that are leveled based upon the teacher’s level of technology integration (SAMR: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Transformation). June 30, 2015 ATX 2014 
Richard Lombardo In an effort to assist with implementing Google Apps for Education, an on demand style of professional development will be created utilizing Google Apps Scripts and Drive. This process will in turn be used to gamify GAFE. January 7, 2016 GTAATX 2014 
Donnie Piercey Get my home state of Kentucky to make "the switch" to Google Apps for Education August 1, 2015 Sydney, 2013 
Missy McClurg DJHS Video Tech Library. My Computer Apps students will create instructional videos over Google Apps, Add-ons and Extensions for students, teachers, etc. Rather than simply teaching students how to use Google Apps and tools, I will transform my classroom into a training environment where the students become the teachers. December 31, 2015 GTAATX14 
Cori Frede Organizing a Connected Classroom HOA with Holocaust survivors. April 30, 2015 GTAATX'14 
Beth Still Changing the culture of my district so teachers and admin feel comfortable sharing, communicating and collaborating. In my two-part plan, both teachers and admin will develop their a PLN so they can help others see the benefits of being a connected educator.  December 31, 2015 Austin 2014 
Dean Dahl Create a Google+ Community "Teachers-to-Teachers", sharing what is happening digitally in my classroom and others.  Austin 14 
Jessica Lura Creating Digital Citizens June 12, 2015 MTV 2014 
Jody Green My plan involves redesigning teacher professional development for K-8 teachers. Teachers will work toward competency in the ISTE Standards for Teachers in a personalized way.  GTAATX '14 
Alan Garrec ePortfolios: get students to put their CVs online with Google Sites/Docs. Run workshop on Google Search for students and another workshop for staff on Google tools to engage students with AS. Pass the 6 Google Apps for Education exams. October 5, 2012 UK 2012 
Chris Scott Host an Ed Tech Camp that features an all star cast of Google Certified Teachers to Santa Barbara County, California. July 13, 2012 UK 2012 
Jerrad Barczyszyn, Tim O’Connor, Adam McMickell We will create student-led tech teams with the aim of helping students leverage available technologies to build leadership capacity, expand their world views, and develop their personal learning networks. May 29, 2015 GTA MTV 14 
Kasey Bell Google Apps Integration in the Classroom (ebook); In an effort to reach more educators and create resources in bite-size pieces that can easily and meaningfully be integrated into the classroom, I am developing an ebook in collaboration with another GCT. January 25, 2016 ATX 2014 
Laura Raganas I will influence teachers across the state of KY to differentiate/personalize instruction in order to engage/empower student achievement by using Google Classroom and GAFE. I will increase effective use of Google tools in my network (of teachers and students) for collaboration, teaching and learning. In my role as a Digital Blended Learning Consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education, I will be the point-of-contact person. I will be working with Administrators, teachers, and students. This action plan will guide me in the effective use of... January 4, 2016 GTAATX 2014 
Nick Kwan Project 1 - Work with Liz Sproat on her project to bring GAfE into Polish national schools. Project 2 - create and publish a Google Lit Trip for my father's memoir "Things That Must Not Be Forgotten". December 1, 2014 GTA SWE 2013 
Rab Paterson T.E.A.C.H. 2.0+ Technology Education Academia Creativity Here (with Google+)  April 1, 2015 UK2013 
Rebecca E. Vieyra Advance mobile sensor technology among teachers and students as an authentic way to collect and analyze data in science courses across the world. INFORM teachers of available mobile sensor apps, DEVELOP new sensor apps and try to have more approved by Google Play for Education, and GROW social networking communities for mutual support. July 31, 2015 GTAATX 14 
Geri Feiock To develop a Student Technology Leadership Team with a sustainable model in order to enhance technology support for teachers and other students. June 1, 2015 GTA ATX 2014 
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