Google Teacher Academy

About the GTA

The GTA is a free professional development experience designed to help primary and secondary educators from around the globe get the most from innovative technologies. Produced by CUE, each Academy is an intensive, two-day event during which participants get hands-on experience with Google tools, learn about innovative instructional strategies, receive resources to share with colleagues, and immerse themselves in a supportive community of educators making impact.

Google Teacher Academy
Google Teacher Academy
Google Teacher Academy


Approximately 50 innovative educators from around the world are selected to attend each GTA based on the merits of their online application. Applicants include classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, technology advocates, librarians, administrators, professional trainers, and other education professionals who actively serve the world's primary and secondary teachers and students.

Participants are selected based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, and their successful use of technology in school settings. We are particularly interested in educators who actively provide mentoring or training for other teachers. 

Participants must provide their own travel, and if necessary, their own lodging. The GTA is designed to create a strong professional community of educators who support each other over the course of a year, so if you are not local, you must be willing to be resourceful with all technologies to facilitate communication and collaboration with your fellow Google Certified Teachers.

Google Certified Teachers

Educators who attend a Google Teacher Academy become Google Certified Teachers.

Google Certified Teachers are:

  • Exceptional K-12 educators with a passion for using innovative tools to improve teaching and learning.
  • Creative leaders who understand their local needs and can spread innovation as a recognized expert.
  • Ambassadors for change who model high expectations, life-long learning, collaboration, equity & inclusion, and innovation.

Google Certified Teachers are expected to:

  • Develop a "Personal Action Plan".
  • Lead at least three local professional development activities over the course of 12 months.
  • Actively participate in the Google Certified Teacher Online Community.
  • Share the impact of their work with other Google Certified Teachers through an end-of-year reflection.

In addition to a free day of training, Google Certified Teachers get:

  • Access to the GCT Online Community
  • Access to additional free ed tech resources
  • Opportunities to give Google feedback on educational uses of tools
  • Invitations to join Google at special events
  • The right to post the GCT web badge on their website or blog.  

This site was created to support the Google Teacher Academy (GTA). Anyone may view the site and take advantage of the resources shared here. Only Google Certified Teachers (GCT) are free to edit and add to the site. Google Certified Teachers, please follow the Guidelines when you edit the site.

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