Welcome to the GT6 Tune Directory! This site is designed to help the GTPlanet.net community by consolidating every tune posted on the GT6 forums into a directory. This site lists tunes categorically as seen by the navigation bar. Simply choose which type of tune or vehicle you are looking for from the navigation bar. If you cannot find a tune right away please note it may be in another category (i.e. Audi R18 TDI is in the Le Mans category), or a tune does not yet exist. This is a directory, an index of the hard work of every tuner on the GTPlanet.net forums, as such it lists every published tune. It is the user's responsibility to work through the tunes to see which GTPlanet tuner best fits their driving style.

Tuning News 

Directory Updates - New Replicas Page!

New today are the Super GT and Touring Cars pages which feature tunes made after game version 1.08! So if you have been desperately wanting new, refreshed tunes, for your Super GT and Touring cars, wait no more! As always, the old pages can be found under the Archive tab.

I am proud to release the new Replicas page! Head on over and spend some time with these recreations. They are the result of tons of hard work by talented people. Replicas are a great way to add enjoyment to the game by recreating real life cars with real life settings! The page is still short for the time being, however that there are hundreds more in the Replicas Archive page as well so immerse yourself in hours of replica building!

Exciting new updates are coming. I have an all new Replicas sheet in the works as well as added features I have been testing. Also in the works is a new layout and color scheme. There are hundreds of new tunes which were added in November and I am continuing to update as we speak. Also new to the Directory is the Seasonal's page, with new lists. The Seasonal races have been pretty easy lately so there are not as many tunes for the latest batch. Last, but certainly not least, there are new drift tunes (RUF, Volkswagen, Corvette, and Volvo)! As always, thank you for using the Directory!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here, and I am still updating the index! I realize that by now you have noticed several pages have not had updates. The reason is either nobody has submitted new tunes for them, or I am building new lists and will debut them soon! Thank you to all who use this directory, I will do my best to keep it updated as often as possible! 

I am proud to announce that the new GT6 Version 1.09 and later Main list is now live!! Tunes which were made on game version 1.09 and later can now be found on the "Main" tab. The old tunes have been moved under "Archive". I realize the new Main list is small right now, but I have had numerous issues with the new Google Sheets. I also realize many of you have been waiting since JUNE for me to update the index so I felt the need to at least post the progress I had thus far. If you still visit, thank you, I sincerely appreciate it!

Hey, just a quick update. So I attempted to build my own site, which didn't rely on Google in any way and after much, much frustration, I just scrapped it today. I saved what I could and I launched a new GT6 Directory which has not been published yet as I am still formatting the tune spreadsheets. This directory, like suggested earlier, will be for game version 1.09 and later. The old directory will be archived but still accessible. I hope to have the new directory up by the end of the week. I know that sounds like a long way off, but that's realistic due to my schedule. Cheers!

I have returned to updating the index! After a long, and mostly unexpected absence, I have begun the process of updating the Tune Directory once again. I apologize for the unplanned absence, but I will try to get everything back up to speed as quickly as possible. Big thanks to all of you who use my Directory, your support is what has helped keep this project alive!!

Big News! Jordan, founder of GTPlanet.net, the website this directory is based from, has released GTPlanet.net's very own Tune Database!! With all the features you have come to find in this directory plus more (such as a rating system). But that's not all! This database serves more racing games/sims than just the Gran Turismo series. This indeed, then, is quite a step forward for GTPlanet. It will take time for all of GTPlanet's tuners to migrate to the new database, therefore I will continue to update this index as well. 
We have quite a large (well for this little site) update this week! For starters, I'd like to congratulate GTP's oppositelock for his Tune Of The Week!! Recommended by me for how shockingly good the tune is, and created by oppositelock's own creation, the GT6 Quick Tune, his Lancia Stratos was given top honors in this week's Weekly Rewind. Whether or not you like auto-tune programs like GT6 Quick Tune, this Stratos came out so good I highly recommend everyone take it for a spin.
Next up on the announcements is the creation of GTPlanet's very own Tune Directory! I do not have a link for it at this time as Jordan, GTPlanet's founder, has taken it down for presumably a little maintenance. Seeing as how this website is a dedication to GTPlanet I hope everybody who reads this at least visits GTPlanet regularly. As such I cannot overstate how such a resource would greatly impact the world of Racing and Sim Games! Jordan's long term goals for the GTPlanet Resource Page are very exciting indeed. He has the power to implement a truly fantastic interface and database for users of all racing games and sims, not just Gran Turismo. I can only accomplish so much with this site. If you are ever on the GTPlanet tuning forum, please stop by the GTPlanet Tune Directory thread and show your appreciation to Jordan for his hard work!
Lastly, the Useful Links tab has been updated with new links to tuning guides and resources! Stop by and check out some of the new tuning theories, guides, and resources posted by GTPlanet's members.

Congrats NEWDRIVER2 for his Tune Of The Week!!! His Lotus Elise '96 tune was given top honors in this week's Weekly Rewind. So should you fancy winning, you'll want to stop by and try this one out!

Congrats again to ACSR321 of the Clueless over The Hill Outlaws for his Tune Of The Week!!! Given props again for another brilliant tune, this week his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro tune was recognized in the Weekly Rewind. So drop by and check it out!

New seasonal events have been released! Featuring the Clio R.S., Tesla Roadster, and Mazda MX-5/Eunos Roadster/Miata. So if you are planning on golding each of those events, be sure to click on the Seasonal tab for the tunes to get you there.

Another big congrats to Praiano63 for his Tune of the Week!!! Top honors went to Praiano for his amazing tune of the week, the Nissan GT-R SpecV '09, in this week's Weekly Rewind.

Congrats to Ridox2JZGTE for his Tune of the Week!! RIDOX Replica Tuning Garage, run by Ridox2JZGTE, was given top honors in the week's Weekly Rewind for his Toyota 86 GT replica. Whether you're a fan of replicas or not, you will surely want to try it out!

Bran new to the directory is the Replica Page. Drop on by and give it a look!

The Difficult Car Spotlight thread is now active. The purpose being to feature a car which is either terrible from the start or difficult to tune every month. Up this month is the Nissan Option Stream Z '04.

FITT's February Car of the Month is the Jaguar XKR-S '11. So if you have a tune, or fancy a tune for this British beast, drop on by!

Congrats to TheCardBoardBox GT6 Tuning Garage for their Tune of the Week!! SolidSnake7735 of TheCardBoardBox GT6 Tuning Garage was given major kudos for his Mazda Efini RX-7 Type R '91 tune in this week's Weekly Rewind. If rotary's are your cup of tea, then this is a tune you'll definitely want to try out!

Congrats to Praiano63 for his Tune of the Week!! Praiano63 was given top honors in this week's Weekly Rewind for his KTM X-BOW Street '12 built for the X-BOW Seasonal Event. I personally recommend this tune so if you want to Gold the X-BOW event, this tune is a must.

Version 3.0 of the Tune Directory is now live!!! Featuring interactive controls, users can now navigate the idex with ease. For the time being the old lists will appear below the new ones in the event a user has trouble with the new lists.
Congrats to BanditKarter22 for his Tune of the Week!! BanditKarter22, a regular on the Seasonal Events leaderboard, was given top honors in this week's Weekly Rewind for his popular 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R Seasonal Event tune. If you want to gold that event in one try, drop by this week's rewind and get those settings!
Great batch of new tunes for the new Online Seasonal Events released this week!! Be sure to stop by and tune up if you want that gold.


Congrats to Motor City Tunes for their Tune of the Week!! Motor City Hami was recognized in this week's Weekly Rewind for his amazing Honda S2000 Seasonal Event tune. If you're looking to gold the S2000 Seasonal the first time 'round you'll definitely want to stop by and try it out!


Congrats to HeelToer for his Tune of the Week!! HeelToer was given honors in this week's Weekly Rewind for his MazdaSpeed Atenza '05 tune, which he submitted for FITT's Car of the Month. Drop by and try it out!

The new GT6 Tune Directory is now live! Featuring easier navigation, categorized lists, Tuning News, and a line of planned content updates, the new directory truly is a project by and for the GT6 tuning community.

Many tuners have posted new tunes specifically for the online Seasonal Events, so be sure to drop by the Seasonals index before heading to the track!

Congrats to Clueless, over The Hill Outlaws for their Tune of the Week!! ACSR421 of the Clueless, over The Hill Outlaws was given honors in this week's Weekly Rewind for his VW Golf VI R '10 450pp tune. So drop by and try it out!
FITT chooses it's Car of the Month, the Mazdaspeed Atenza '05. So submit your tunes for this secret little rocket!


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