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posted Mar 31, 2009, 12:57 PM by Brian Johnson   [ updated Jan 27, 2010, 8:03 PM by Brian Johnson ]

Google Sites now provides native RSS feeds for Announcements pages, Comments and Recent Site Activity.  To access these feeds, look for the RSS icon!

Have a question, but don't know where to start?  Check out the Google Sites FAQ!

How to Create an RSS Feed for Google Sites

This process requires that you use a third-party solution to generate your feed.  For this site, I chose to use Feedity as the feed generator.  It is a free service, and it takes just moments to configure.  For the purpose of this article, I will list instructions based on the Feedity service.


To create your feed using Feedity, you simply need to browse over to the Feedity website:  On the home page, you will see a text box into which you will type your site's URL.

Feedity Home Page

Once you've entered your URL into the text box, click the Preview >> button to have Feedity display the feed content for you.

Feedity Preview

On the Preview page, you will also have the option to refine the settings for your feed.  You have three options:
  1. Simple Refine - Allows you to change the title of the feed.
  2. Advanced Refine - Allows you to be more granular in selecting what information to display in the feed.
  3. Retrieve Published Dates - Allows you to date/time stamp your feed items.  *Pro (pay) version only.
Once you are satisfied with your feed, you will need to select a category for the feed (from a pre-defined list) and click the Get Feed >> button. 

Feed URL

On this last page, you will see your feed URL in a rectangular box near the middle of the screen.  You can either copy the URL to your clipboard, or click the link above the URL to browse to the new feed.  (The link above your URL will be the title of your Google Site.) 

Using to create a new feed using the Feedity service provides the following result:


I Have the Feed, What Now?

The question has been asked...  How do I make my feed available to others?  How can I make it so that others can view and subscribe to my feed?  It's easier than you think!

In all honesty, it's the exact same as creating a link to another page, an image, or a file on your site.  Simply add the text/image you wish to link to your feed, select it, create the link via the "Link" option in the Edit toolbar, and save.  That's it!  (You'll use the URL generated above when creating the link.)

Other RSS Feed Generators

Obviously, Feedity is not the only resource for generating RSS feeds from sites that are not configured to provide their own feeds.  A quick Google search for "make any site RSS" turns up a good list of alternatives, and would be a great place to start.  However, if you don't want to do the search yourself, you might check out a few of these:
    The published RSS feed for this site is generated using
    .  The configuration steps are a bit more detailed than the Feedity configuration, but the output is much more customizable. 

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