Sites Guide - Manage Site

Managing Your Site

The More Actions >> Manage Site menu option is the main administrative section for Google Sites.  In this area, you have the capability to:
  • Review site activity
  • Review page history
  • Modify your site's appearance (Layout, Themes, Colors and Fonts)
  • Define your site's web address / mapping
  • Monetize your site with AdSense
  • Manage access to your site (Sharing)
  • Update your site's description and name
  • Set your site's language
  • Verify with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Change your landing page
  • Manage page-level attachments across the entire site
This page, and those that follow will outline each of these features and how to use them as you work to manage your Google Sites website.

Site Content

The Site Content section contains three distinct features:

Recent Site Activity

The Recent Site Activity section provides administrative access to a history of all recent changes to the website.  It includes such things as page updates, attachment additions/deletions and comments.  It does not include such administrative changes as Sharing and changes to the Site Layout, Theme or Colors and Fonts.

This information is available regardless of whether or not the Recent Site Activity gadget is present in your site's sidebar.


The Pages feature provides a listing of all pages in your Google Sites website.  For each page, Google Sites lists the name of the person who created the page, along with the date and time.  The same information is provided for the most recent page updates.  Finally, the number of revisions is listed for each page.

By clicking on the number in the Revisions column, Google Sites displays all revisions for the selected page.  From here, you can revert back to previous versions, if necessary.


The Attachments feature provides a central location for managing all files that have been attached to each page of your Google Sites website.  This feature provides the following controls over attachments across your site:

  • Upload (add)
  • Replace
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Delete
The Attachments feature also provides access to previous revisions of attached files.  Much like with the Pages feature above, this revision history makes it possible to revert back to a prior version of an attachment, should the need arise.

Site Settings


The General tab of the Manage Site screen contains the controls for most of the more "technical" aspects of your Google Sites website:
  • Site Name
  • Site Description
  • Site Storage Meter
  • Mature Content
  • Landing Page
  • Statistics (Google Analytics)
  • Google Webmaster Tools Verification
  • Site Display Language
  • Delete This Site


The Sharing tab (also found under More Actions >> Share This Site) provides site Owners the ability to define exactly who can view your Google Sites website, and with what permissions.  The following options are available:
  • Viewer
  • Collaborator
  • Owner
This is also where a Google Sites website can be set to be publicly viewable without the need to login (or vice-versa).  To change this setting, simply add or remove a check from the box next to Anyone in the world may view this site (make it public).


For website Owners who wish to generate revenue through their Google Sites websites, the Monetize feature provides a direct integration with Google's AdSense program.  See Enabling AdSense with Google Sites for more information.

Web Address

The Web Address tab is where website Owners can perform the Google half of the web mapping process.  If you would like to allow visitors to access your site through a custom URL ( rather than the default Google Sites system URL (, this is an important screen for you.  See CNAME, Alias, Mapping... How does it all work? for more information.

Site Appearance

Site Layout

The Site Layout tab allows you to change the layout of your site, including specifying heights and widths for components and adding and arranging sidebar items.

Additional Image:  Change Site Layout

Colors and Fonts

Through the Colors and Fonts tab, website Owners can configure the look and feel of their Google Sites website.  You are provided granular control over elements that, when changed, have a global effect.  The primary areas of the site that can be modified here include:

  • Entire Page
  • Site Header
  • Content Area
  • Content Area Gadgets
  • Sidebar Gadgets
  • Navigation Gadget


Google Sites offers a number of pre-defined themes for your websites.  Themes are combinations of site layouts, colors and images that have been pre-packaged for you. 

Changing your theme will discard any changes that have been made in the Colors and Fonts administrative section.

Note:  If you are looking for pre-built templates (such as ones to match the Google Sites example websites), none are available at this time.  To build a site that matches these examples, or others, you will have to manually reconstruct them or contract with a service provider to do the work for you.

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