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GSS Visual Assembler

GSS Visual Assembler — a development environment of the software for Windows OS, intended for development of programs in an assembly language.

IDE with easily customised interface reminding interface Borland Delphi or Microsoft Visual Studio.
Initially formed under such assembler packages as MASM32 and TASM but there is a possibility to adapt IDE and under other translators.

Main characteristics:
 - Possibility to customise IDE practically for any Assembler package (TASM, MASM32 and other).
 - Supported integrated debugger  for MASM32
-  Full "Code Completion" window.
 - Customisation of any circuit of highlighting of the text.
 - Autodetection of procedures, macros, structures, constants etc.
 - Addition of resources to the project.
 - Automatic search of the declaration of variables.
 - Maximum simplicity of handling of the project.
 - User interface GSS Visual Assembler as much as possible copies the habitual
   interface of Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland Delphi.
 - Support of all versions of a platform of Windows.
GSS Visual Assembler perfectly will approach both for professionals, and for beginners.
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If you have any questions about using, registration of the program or you have
problems by working with sofware - please contact us.
  "General Software Systems", software organization. 2007 - 2014

  Download directly:
   Download GSS Visual Assembler     - ~ 4000Kb (including english manual)

   PAD files:

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